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Maximize student outcomes and minimize disruption.

Predict course demand by utilizing our patented process that blends student pathway data with historical course enrollment patterns. Our proprietary technology, coupled with valuable insights from metrics such as Degree Velocity®, identifies actions that improve student progress for all. 

Clear pathways for every student journey.


Improved Student Completion Rates

Recognize barriers to completion for students and inform retention action at key points in the student journey using Degree Velocity®, Early Momentum and DFW metrics.

Equitable Outcomes

Identify target student populations and employ strategies to accelerate progress using intelligence from course access analytics.

Student Demand Alignment

Minimize scheduling disruptions and align with students’ needs by creating schedules based on forecasted course demand.  

Program Pathway Management

Define and manage student pathways for improved course recommendations, student success reporting, and institutional planning.


Proactively meet student demand with market-leading predictive analytics.

Employ our patented process that predicts course demand using degree pathways and historical enrollment patterns. Compare forecasted demand with tentative offerings to receive change candidates that align with students’ needs, improve resource utilization, and minimize disruption.
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Model incoming and transfer student populations

Create a course schedule that considers your incoming students and leads to graduation.

Mitigate course bottlenecks

Combat bottlenecked course offerings by leveraging enhanced recommendations informed by both degree pathways and historical demand data.

Eliminate risk of student time conflicts

Understand which courses have a high risk of section time conflicts and view alternate, conflict-free meeting patterns.

Track student degree progress

Gain visibility into an individual student's progress toward completing their degree with pathway analyses.


Leverage student pathways for added insights.

Configure degree pathways that power enhanced course recommendations, student success reporting, and institutional planning.
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Build a strong foundation

Analyze programs and manage pathway requirements to improve student outcomes and operational efficiency.

Refine degree requirements to improve outcomes

Discover and address student success barriers in your general education and major requirements.

Reduce risk of non-productive courses

Provide students an easier way to navigate course choices and enroll in productive credit hours toward their degree.

Inform future term planning

Increase predictability of student needs when planning and building schedules for future terms.


Track and optimize leading indicators of student progress to improve retention and completion.

Create an institutional framework to accelerate students’ time-to-completion and boost retention through data-backed interventions.
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Empower student momentum

Help students start strong during their most vulnerable year of college by ensuring they have full, productive schedules that align with program pathways.

Improve Degree Velocity®

Measure real-time progress toward degree completion with leading success indicators beyond simple credit hour accumulation.

Pinpoint academic interventions

Identify potential challenges along a student’s educational journey, enabling early intervention and improved likelihood of successful degree completion.


Knock down barriers to student degree completion.

Discover patterns that impede student progress. Accelerate Degree Velocity® by analyzing success rates across modalities and course combinations.
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Minimize obstacles to student success

Decrease the risk of attrition by removing toxic course combinations that hinder student access and slow Degree Velocity®.

Prioritize resources for retention

Quickly identify opportunities to change your course offering mix in order to improve student retention, progression, and graduation.

Build smarter pathways

Identify the long-term effects of modality, faculty, and course combinations on DFW rates so you can set students up for success.

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Success Stories

550+ institutions. 4.5 million students. And counting.

Learn how institutions just like yours are achieving their outcomes with smarter planning and scheduling solutions.
metropolitan community college

2% annual decrease in canceled classes

With more than 13,000 students across 5 campuses, Metropolitan Community College partners with Ad Astra to build schedules that meet post-traditional learners’ needs.

germanna community college

Decreased student time to degree by 4.9%

See how Germanna Community College’s student-centric approach to scheduling removes enrollment friction points, reduces time to completion, and boosts Degree Velocity® by allowing students to plan four terms in advance.

st louis community college

Targeted pathway refinement to drive student success

See how St. Louis Community College forecasted student demand to ensure course availability and on-time completion.

Mohawk Valley Community College

Degree Velocity® improved by 19.4%

When Mohawk Valley Community College discovered that only 20% of students were completing momentum year requirements, the institution analyzed its pathways to make modifications.

lamar university

Improved six-year graduation rates by 6%

Discover how Lamar University improved graduation rates and student contact hours by ensuring courses are available in the right sequence for students.


We partner with the industry's leading student information systems for easy, reliable integrations.

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Essential Scheduling


Data-informed Scheduling


Student-centered Scheduling


Integrated Planning


Education is a journey. We set the course.

Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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