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Equitable Outcomes

Start anywhere. End with on-time graduation.

Every student is different, but they all require a clear path to graduation. Ad Astra sets the course to graduate more of these students, faster for a more inclusive learning environment.

“With Ad Astra the data we have access to has completely shifted our scheduling process to a more data-informed system to make adjustments quickly to open additional courses and meet student demand.”

Rebecca Woulfe, V.P. for Instruction & Provost, Arapahoe Community College


Equitable Outcomes:
A Success Story

Changes to scheduling using Ad Astra not only positively impacted credit hour load, it also has been linked to higher retention rates for minority students at Arapahoe Community College. 

“We need to make education an assumption for all.”

Sarita Brown, Co-founder & President, Excelencia in Education

Wherever students are going in the educational journey, we help guide them there.

With Ad Astra, what you learn from data is the way students want to learn. Now the courses they need are the ones you offer. It helps everyone from first generation students to those who work or raise a family feel like they belong in a more inclusive learning environment. It sets the course they need to earn their degree on time and at a price they can plan for. What you gain through predictive scheduling is enrollment stability, financial stability, and equitable student outcomes.
African American student and his parent embracing

With Ad Astra, institutions can achieve their desired equitable graduation outcomes for all students for a more inclusive learning environment.

19% minority retention rate improvement for Asian and African American students.

Arapahoe Community College

Hispanic graduation rates grew from 35.1% to 54.3% in less than five years.

Central New Mexico Community College

In one year graduation rates jumped from 33% to 36% for Hispanic students.

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

Drive and measure accelerated completions. It’s all made possible by Ad Astra.

With Ad Astra, every college and university can now continuously improve their course scheduling and resource allocation to accelerate completions, ensuring more students graduate faster.
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Collaborative academic scheduling software that improves operational efficiency.

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Data-Informed Scheduling

Smart scheduling systems to facilitate targeted schedule optimization. 
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Student-Centered Scheduling

Intelligent insights that maximize student outcomes and minimize disruption.
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Annual planning software that aligns stakeholders and optimizes student and financial outcomes.

Success Stories

These success stories can be yours. Learn how institutions just like yours achieved their desired outcomes through Ad Astra.

Albany State University

“10% retention rate increase with steadily increasing enrollment, graduation, and course pass rates.”

Learn how one of Georgia’s largest historically African American colleges overcame scheduling obstacles like course access, faculty overloads, and schedule rollovers to achieve new levels of student graduation success.

arapahoe community college icon

Arapahoe Community College

“11% increase in full time students, 10.5% retention gain for 18-34-year-old students.”

Follow the journey of ACC as they improved enrollment and course ratios to overcome structural barriers to equity.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi icon

Texas A&M University

“Hispanic retention rates jumped from 58% to 63% in just a few short years.”

Learn how data helped TAMUCC optimize course schedules to serve underrepresented demographics.

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Explore more client success stories now.

Let’s begin our journey.

Education is a journey.
We set the course.

Learn more about how Ad Astra can help your institution improve graduation rates, financial stability, and equitable outcomes.

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Continue the journey with us.


Essential Scheduling


Data-informed Scheduling


Student-centered Scheduling


Integrated Planning

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Education is a journey. We set the course.

Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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