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Student Success

The value of a degree lasts a lifetime. Earning it shouldn’t take that long.

For a student, a degree opens up their future to countless career possibilities. With Ad Astra, those possibilities become reality faster.

“It all comes down to student success. And part of how we define student success is students who are graduating in four years or five years.”



Ad Astra: Accelerating Completions

Luis Arevalo chose Lamar University to pursue his chemical engineering degree. With a clear path to completion created by Lamar’s academic planning team, Luis is successfully staying on course.

“Students need to know what their completion path looks like so they can plan their life path.”


Ad Astra removes the guesswork.

We replace guesswork with data-informed predictive scheduling and resource optimization that aligns academic course offerings with student needs. Now, you are able to keep the completion promises you made when students entered your institution: that they will be able to earn their degrees on time and within budget. 
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Ad Astra brings together accelerated completions for students and improved outcomes for institutions.

4.9% less time required for degree completion with a 12.2% increase in yearly productive credit hours.

Germanna Community College

Reduced student time to completion from 3.5 years to 3.1 years.

Alamo Colleges District | Northeast Lakeview College

Improved acceleration by 19.4%  in less than three years.


Mohawk Valley Community College

Drive and measure accelerated completion. It’s all made possible by Ad Astra.

With Ad Astra, every college and university can now continuously improve their course scheduling and resource allocation to accelerate completion, ensuring more students graduate faster.
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Collaborative academic scheduling software that improves operational efficiency.

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Data-Informed Scheduling

Smart scheduling systems to facilitate targeted schedule optimization. 
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Student-Centered Scheduling

Intelligent insights that maximize student outcomes and minimize disruption.
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Annual planning software that aligns stakeholders and optimizes student and financial outcomes.

Success Stories

These success stories can be yours. Learn how institutions just like yours achieved their desired outcomes through Ad Astra.
Lamar University Logo

Lamar University

“Six-year graduation rates improved by 6% and average student contact hours improved by 4.2%”

Discover how Lamar University achieved something many universities haven’t been able to do: Multi-term scheduling centralized within their registrar’s office. But the story doesn’t end there.

South Louisiana Community College Logo

South Louisiana Community College

“Reduced cancelled classes term-over-term from 15 to two.”

Learn how SLCC streamlined manual processes to improve efficiency and ROI.

West Virginia Northern Community College Logo

West Virginia Northern Community College

“Course fill rate jumped from 49.5% in Fall 2018 to 62.6% in Fall 2021.”

Learn how WVNCC dramatically reduced course cancellations through the power of data.

The Industry Leader in Academic Operations | Serving 550+ Campuses with 4.5M Students

Explore more client success stories now.

Let’s begin our journey.

Education is a journey.
We set the course.

Learn more about how Ad Astra can help your institution improve graduation rates, financial stability, and equitable outcomes.


Continue the journey with us.


Essential Scheduling


Data-informed Scheduling


Student-centered Scheduling


Integrated Planning

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Education is a journey. We set the course.

Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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