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Helping colleges and universities progress more students by getting the right resources in the right place at the right time. 

Our Approach

Getting the right resources, in the right place, at the right time, to graduate more students isn’t easy. We can simplify it, though. Our approach is to discover, design, and deliver efficient, effective, and optimized schedules to graduate more students, faster.


How's your schedule? If it matters, measure it. Measuring key performance indicators with an honest assessment can highlight areas of opportunity.


You have a good idea about where your opportunities are. So what's next? During the design phase, you put all that data to work for you and your students.


Armed with data and a plan, it’s time to Deliver. Implement initiatives that are efficient, effective, and optimized.

Sacramento State
Houston Community College
Georgia State University
Fredonia State University of New York

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feature image Partner Meet Student Need
KC Scholars: A Partnership Focused on Access to Completion and Transformation

We often hear the intention and desire to attend college from high school students. Yet, we don’t always consider how many students don’t have access...

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feature image Course Scheduling COVID-19 Aligned Scheduling
A New and Better Way to Manage Academic Offerings

Disruption on Top of Disruption 

While disruption in higher education is certainly not a new topic, COVID-19 has obviously intensifiedaccelerated, ...

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feature image COVID-19 Aligned Scheduling
Principles for Planning and Scenario Modeling for 2020-2021

While disruption in higher education is certainly not a new topic, COVID-19 has intensified, accelerated, and even somewhat redirected this...

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