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Managing the Academic Enterprise

Managing the Academic Enterprise (MAE) drives student success by creating a framework for institutions to break down silos, focus on solutions with the greatest impact, and move from planning to action.

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The path to student success starts with the course schedule, yet many institutions fail to capitalize on its potential. Effective scheduling can boost student retention rates and increase Degree Velocity™. Learn more about the importance of course scheduling for student success in the video below. 


A Higher Education Partner Since 1996

“Fine tuning the general education courses was one of our more difficult tasks, our Ad Astra team got us dialed in quickly for the right mix now, as well as for the future.” 

Kevin George
Kennesaw State University

Kevin Georgie
Director of Data Management and System Support Services | Kennesaw State University

“Ad Astra’s analytics driven approach will help Los Rios discover and address unintended barriers to success that can be created through schedules—while helping students identify the fastest path to completion." 

Jamey Nye
Los Rios Community College District

Jamey Nye
Vice Chancellor of Education and Technology | Los Rios Community College District

“The Ad Astra scheduling tools have been invaluable in helping us handle immediate growth challenges and we plan to take advantage of more features and benefits going forward.”

David Timoney
The University of Kentucky

Eric Johnson
Director, Client Services

“Leveraging analytical tools has significantly improved how we plan and implement our semester schedules. It has reduced the number of students who finish registration without full schedules as well as reduced both section wait-lists and course cancellations. We have also been able to eliminate budget shortfalls in our adjunct budget.” 

Richard Sheldon
Marymount Manhattan College

Eric Johnson
Director, Client Services

"Astra Schedule is the most efficient and accurate tool that consistently meets our scheduling needs. Exceptional customer service from every Astra employee; listening and responding to clientele needs; and, staying ahead of the game in scheduling are just a few of the many reasons that JCCC has been a client for so many years."

Lisa Dunitz
Johnson County Community College

Eric Johnson
Director, Client Services

“Monitor has changed the way we track student registration. Department chairs and deans are amazed at how easily adaptable the application is. They could jump right in and get the data they need to make data-driven decisions.  

Gone are the days when we ‘think’ that a course will fill up the week before classes. We can track exactly when it will happen with little to no work on our end.” 

Christie Roberts
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Eric Johnson
Director, Client Services

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