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Course scheduling software and academic planning solutions to help students and universities stay on course.

Ad Astra partners with institutions to ensure students can achieve maximum velocity on the road to graduation. Let’s take a journey to learn how Ad Astra sets the course to graduate more students faster.

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Increase Degree Completions | students making a circle

How are your students progressing on the path to degree completion?

Ad Astra continuously guides you to those insights. The data tells a story of when, where, and how students want to learn so you can create completion paths that match demand, supporting predictable progress toward on-time completion.


Student Success

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Ad Astra forecasts scheduling needs 

based on leading indicators of student demand. Now you have the data to create multi-term schedules that improve retention, time to completion and completion rates.

Learn how we can help you maximize student success


“Without access to the classes I need to graduate on time, I’m stuck. Do I switch majors or schools? Or do I wait it out?”


“In this challenging enrollment climate, keeping students through graduation is more important than ever.”

Financial Health

Ad Astra academic scheduling software dashboard for Financial Sustainability

Ad Astra continuously improves course schedule refinement strategies

to keep academic programs financially sustainable.

Learn how we can help you achieve financial health


“I can’t afford not to have a degree. I’m just not sure I can keep up with the cost of getting one.”


“We need to know how to adjust our academic programs so that they positively impact our bottom line.”

Operational Efficiency

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Ad Astra eliminates manual processes

with streamlined scheduling, centralized calendaring, and real-time collaboration tools to help you save time and improve efficiency.

Learn how we can help you achieve operational efficiency


I never know what to expect when I register for courses. Why can’t it be easier?


Because our scheduling process is complex and manual, it costs us time and money each term.

Equitable Outcomes

Equitable Outcomes Computer displaying bar chart

Ad Astra helps you eliminate equity gaps

by providing the data to create conflict-free, inclusive schedules for all learners.

Learn how we can help you achieve equitable outcomes


“I want to go to school full time, but I also work full time. How can I find a course schedule that fits with my life schedule?”


“We want to be a student-centered institution, but we don’t have the data to understand the needs of our diverse student population.”

Students and institutions approach education from two different perspectives. But both have the same destination: Graduation.

And Ad Astra sets the course to graduate more students faster.

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Software that empowers you to improve outcomes.

With Ad Astra’s product suite, colleges and universities can now improve efficiency in course and event scheduling, maximizing student success and aligning stakeholders for optimal financial outcomes.


Collaborative academic scheduling software that improves operational efficiency. Learn more.




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Provide students with reliable, predictable schedules while ensuring operational efficiency and financial sustainability.

The industry leader in expertise and innovation.

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27 years

Since 1996, Ad Astra has helped colleges and universities graduate more students, faster. We fuel sustainable improvements driven by data-informed planning and course scheduling.

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4.5 Million Students

Last year, Ad Astra helped colleges and universities clear the path to graduation for 4.5 million students in North America.

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550+ Partners

Our success is evident in the success of the institutions we’ve guided toward accelerated degree completion rates, improved financial health, and equitable outcomes for all.

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375+ Benchmarks

Through its Higher Education Scheduling Index (HESI®), Ad Astra tracks how effectively colleges and universities allocate their resources to meet students’ course needs.

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100 experts

Ad Astra is staffed with the most higher education experts in the industry — former registrars, provosts, enrollment VPs, and schedulers.

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1:1 Consultations

Each Ad Astra institution has a dedicated consultant to expertly help them identify, benchmark, and achieve their goals.

Education is a journey and we set the course.

That journey begins here.

Partners in success since 1996 | Serving 550+ campuses with 4.5M students

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Education is a journey. We set the course.

Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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