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Partner Program

Partnership and industry innovation.

Ad Astra partners with companies and organizations to support integrated ecosystems and strategies for higher education institutions. 

Why become a partner?

Connect your organization, solution, or services within our ecosystem. Based on your partnership type:


  • Get the advantages of partnering with the industry leader in academic planning and scheduling with a network that spans 550+ institutions in both the U.S. and Canada  
  • Access APIs, technical support, community and early access to new features 
  • Participate in co-marketing opportunities including dedicated digital marketing promotions, features in our Space Station Community, and sponsorship at ASPIRE, our annual industry conference for higher education professionals
  • Engage in educational activities with the Ad Astra sales and client success teams


Academic Planning for Equitable Student Outcomes with AASCU

Learn how Ad Astra and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) are working together to analyze the importance of the course schedule in improving student outcomes in higher education with the Academic Planning for Equitable Student Outcomes project.

Partner Types

Integration Partners

Higher education needs connected ecosystems, and together we can partner to help institutions create innovative, holistic systems. Join us as an Integration Partner to gain access to our API library and community, receive technical support, and access co-marketing opportunities.

Strategic Partners

Join our network of higher education organizations to provide leading solutions and strategy to improve student outcomes, financial sustainability, and enrollment management. Our Strategic Partner Program allows us to work in collaboration with many different types of organizations to achieve mutual success and improve outcomes. We also work with technology, consulting and member-based organizations that are looking to connect partners through referrals to support their needs.

Thought Leader Partners

Are you a higher education membership organization, think tank, or advocacy group with an aligned mission? Ad Astra supports and partners with industry thought leaders to co-develop educational content, offer workshops, and conduct joint research and demonstration projects. If your organization is working to improve student outcomes and optimize the academic enterprise, we’d love to connect with you.

Want to become a partner?

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Education is a journey. We set the course.

Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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