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Improve the efficiency of course scheduling and event management.


Build policy-aligned institutional schedules utilizing historical analysis, room scheduling and faculty assignment tools. Streamline event management with conflict-free, centralized calendaring and tools to maximize event revenue. 

Streamlined schedules that put students first.


Efficient Academic Scheduling Software



Quickly create smart schedules by refining offerings based on historical enrollment trends. Discover end-to-end scheduling that saves more than 10 hours a week.

Conflict-free Scheduling System


Simplify the process of creating, modifying, and managing events with real-time visibility into all activities. Book rooms and resources and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Centralized Calendar Management


Ensure all stakeholders have real-time visibility into the course schedule, can customize views, and seamlessly collaborate with other individuals or academic departments.

Event Revenue Management


Optimize revenue from your events with integrated calendars, request and approval workflow, attendee management, and billing tools.
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Academic Scheduling Software

Impact student outcomes with effective academic scheduling.


Schedule courses and sections in one seamless experience using a process that forecasts course demand from historical enrollment patterns. The result? Academic schedules that put your students first.
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Edit sections with ease


Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Manage course sections and collaborate easily across departments with filtered views.

Streamline course-level refinements


Target change candidates that leverage historical enrollment patterns, improve resource utilization, and minimize disruption.

Mitigate course bottlenecks


Combat bottlenecked course offerings by leveraging recommendations informed by historical data.
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Event Scheduling

Streamline event management workflows across campus.

Request, schedule, and manage events in a single experience while maximizing event revenue. Create conflict-free scheduling with complete visibility into academic and non-academic spaces.



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Administer approval workflows

Save time creating and managing events with simple form requests as well as room and resource approval workflows. Set who can request spaces and resources via user permissions.

Schedule conflict-free events

We Plan events with visibility into all spaces and meetings on campus, such as academic sections or athletic events.

Maintain a centralized calendar

See real-time availability of academic and event spaces in one dynamic, unified calendar view with color-coordinated organization. Additionally, create public calendars that can be viewed by event category and embedded into your website.

Maximize efficiency

Enable flexible workflows for every user with multiple calendar views, in-app notifications, and anytime access.

Access events on the go

Update event details from any location with mobile-friendly functionality.

Grow your event revenue with added capabilities.

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Room Scheduling Software

Find the right room for each section or event with ease.


Assign rooms to sections effortlessly across campus without creating conflicts.
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Create conflict-free assignments

Feel confident in your space assignments with conflict and double-booking validation.

Maximize seat utilization

Identify the most efficient rooms for assignment sections by gaining visibility into seat fill percentage.

Filter rooms by criteria

Set building filters and preferences to identify rooms that meet your meeting requirements.

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Leverage system-curated recommendations to assign faculty.

Easily select instructors for course sections with immediate insight into faculty workload, course experience, and availability. 

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Gain transparency into faculty capacity

See current availability, capacity based on annual allocation, and experienced instructors.

Make smarter assignments, faster

Leverage intelligent suggestions based on availability and credit hour workloads to make accurate assignments in one click.

No more searching

Eliminate the need to cross-reference your SIS. Find everything you need to make faculty assignments in one place.

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Scheduling Reports

Create schedule transparency with a library of smart reports and analyses.

Access an ever-growing library of reports and intelligence designed to help you evaluate and improve scheduling practices.

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Gain insight into the effectiveness of your schedule

Analyze academic and room scheduling data to optimize space usage and faculty assignments, reduce room conflicts, and manage events efficiently.

Refine your course offerings

Access detailed section information, including heat maps by modality and time of day to discover patterns and opportunities in your schedule.

Operate smooth and secure events

Ensure all activities run as planned with daily and weekly event reports that provide operational transparency.

Tell accessible data stories

Share information with stakeholders using clear and succinct data visualizations that foster cross-functional clarity and coordination.

We're powering progress through Smart Scheduling.

Learn how using real-time data and thoughtful design can produce high-quality, student-centered schedules.

Additional Capabilities of Essential Scheduling

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Event Billing & Invoicing

Send and manage invoices in one simple workflow.


Event Registration, Rentals & Payments

Generate revenue, collect rental fees, and manage public registrations.


Final Exam Scheduling

Optimize exam operations during the scheduling cycle.

Essential Scheduling Success Stories

550+ institutions. 4.5 million students. And counting.


Learn how institutions just like yours are achieving their outcomes with smarter planning and scheduling solutions.

Efficient scheduling for 15,000+ unique class sections a year.
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Efficient scheduling for 15,000+ unique class sections a year.

Discover how the University of Missouri-Kansas City improved student success through smart academic course scheduling.


8% increase in retention year over year

See how Northwest Missouri State University leveraged Ad Astra’s scheduling tools to create operational efficiency, transparency across departments, and ultimately help improve student outcomes.

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video image of Testimony Zach

20+ hours per term saved

Discover how Butler Community College said goodbye to manual processes & automated their scheduling process, saving 20-30 hours of work each term.

SLCC building

Reduced canceled classes term-over-term from 15 to two.

Learn how South Louisiana Community College streamlined manual processes to improve efficiency and ROI. 

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image of a woman bearing witness to WKU

$350k savings during a multi-year configuration of academic building resources

When Western Kentucky had to reallocate 156 rooms due to a building shutdown, Ad Astra powered fast rescheduling decisions using room and resource data – ultimately helping the university achieve a six-figure savings.



We partner with the industry's leading student information systems for easy, reliable integrations.

Continue the journey with us.


Essential Scheduling


Data-informed Scheduling


Student-centered Scheduling


Integrated Planning

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