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Introducing Smart Scheduling

Power progress with smarter scheduling and planning.

Smart Scheduling uses real-time data analytics and thoughtful design to produce a high-qualitystudent-centered schedule.



What are the pillars of Smart Scheduling?


Data Knowledge

Real-time data is essential to produce smarter schedules. Track historical and predictive trends to measure effectiveness and ensure the course schedule is not a barrier to timely completion.

Collaborative Culture

Consider the values and practices important to all course scheduling stakeholders to manage change effectively and build institution-wide collaboration. 

Efficient Process and Policy

Well-documented processes are essential to navigating puzzles in the course schedule. Assess institutional practices for faculty, space, and scheduling conflicts and operationalize for outcomes.

Sustainable Technology

Align technology investments
with your goals by implementing smart systems that reduce data complexity, enhance efficiency, and serve student outcomes.

When you get away from the old way of doing things, you are hoping to create efficiency and transparency, but our ultimate goal is the student's success.


Terri Vogel | Registrar |  Northwest Missouri State University

Apply Smart Scheduling practices to change complexity into student-centered outcomes.

In today's enrollment climate, building schedules that meet student needs is more important than ever for timely progress and institutional sustainability.


Smart Scheduling combines data insights, culture, process, and technology to create student-centered and financially sustainable schedules that accelerate student progress.

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Join the Smart Scheduling webinar series.

Register for Ad Astra's monthly 4-session Smart Scheduling strategy series to learn how you can transform student schedules.

Session 1 - Smart Scheduling Foundations - July 11, 2024
Session 2 - Shortened Term Strategies - August 28, 2024
Session 3 - Transfer Pathways - September 19, 2024
Session 4 - Faculty Capacity Planning - October 29, 2024

Resources for smarter scheduling and planning.

Explore tools, strategies, and reports from experts in higher education academic operations.


The Smart Scheduling Guidebook

A guide to tackling the four essential pillars required to create efficient, financially sustainable schedules that promote equitable student retention and completion.  This guide provides step-by-step, practical advice to help level up your scheduling strategies to accelerate progress.


2024 Student Benchmark Report

This comprehensive analysis of more than 1.3 million students explores the impact of progress bands, flexible schedules, and financial sustainability on retention and completion. Discover key insights, including the pivotal role of "taking one more course" on timely degree completion.

Defining Smart Scheduling: A Collaborative Evolution

Authored by Sarah Collins | President, Ad Astra

Operational Efficiency in Academic Operations

Authored by Dr. Wendy Kilgore | Senior Director of Research, AACRAO

Integrating Degree Maps, Advising, and Smart Scheduling

Presented by Ad Astra and Complete College America

Optimizing Pathways for Smart Scheduling and Student Success 

Authored by Dr. Susan English | Education Consultant, Ad Astra

Solutions for smarter scheduling and planning.

Remove barriers in your schedule and accelerate student progress with Ad Astra's trusted scheduling solutions.


Essential Scheduling

Collaborative academic scheduling software that improves operational efficiency.

Data-Informed Scheduling

Smart scheduling systems to facilitate targeted schedule optimizations.


Student-centered Scheduling

Intelligent insights that maximize student outcomes and minimize disruption.

Integrated Planning

Annual planning software that aligns stakeholders and optimizes student and financial outcomes.

Register for the Smart Scheduling Strategy Series

Discover how strategic course scheduling can significantly enhance student retention and graduation rates.

Sign-up to attend the free webinar series.

Success stories from smart schedulers.

Learn how 550+ institutions have are achieving their outcomes with smarter planning and scheduling solutions..

Jim Lynch Video

Operationalizing Data to Create an Annual Schedule at Mohawk Valley CC

Jim Lynch, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at Mohawk Valley Community College, shares how Ad Astra's data-driven tools significantly improved student outcomes.


Course fill rate jumped from 49.5% in Fall 2018 to 62.6% in Fall 2021.

Learn how West Virginia Northern Community College improved institutional financial sustainability through the power of data.


29% growth in completion among the three largest minority groups

By disaggregating scheduling effectiveness data for minority and Pell-eligble students, Montgomery College is accelerating student completion rates.


Navigating Shange Management with Essential Scheduling

Terri Vogel, Registrar, shares how Northwest Missouri State University integrated demand analytics and departmental collaboration into the scheduling process with Ad Astra.

14 year-over-year contact hour increase

14% year-over-year contact hour increase

Learn how Northeast Lakeview College achieved sustained growth through efficient scheduling.

Ad Astra can help your institution prioritize student success. Find out how.

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Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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