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Academic planning and scheduling solutions

Plan for student progress with effective schedules.

Higher education’s first platform empowering institutions to understand and meet students’ needs while ensuring financial sustainability.


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Ad Astra Solutions / SOFTWARE

Smart academic planning and scheduling is here.

Ad Astra's suite of modern scheduling solutions empower institutions to make data-backed decisions, enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing student success. Sophisticated integrated planning software fosters collaboration among stakeholders for annual planning, ensuring clearer paths to completion for students and greater financial sustainability. Finally, you can deliver reliable, predictable schedules to students while driving efficiency and financial health, ushering in a new era of scheduling excellence.

Essential Academic Scheduling Software by AdAstra
Students in the classroom Scheduling Software by AdAstra


Academic scheduling and event management software that improves operational efficiency. 

Young people studying the library Data-Informed Scheduling Systems

Data-Informed Scheduling

Smart scheduling systems to facilitate targeted schedule optimization.

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Student-Centered Scheduling

Higher education analytics that maximize student success and minimize disruption.
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Annual planning software that aligns stakeholders and optimizes student and financial outcomes.


Easily connect to student information systems.

We integrate with the leading student information systems for higher education.

SIS integrations made simple

Partner Program

Partnership and industry innovation.

Ad Astra partners with a range of companies and organizations to support integrated ecosystems and strategies for higher education institutions.

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We’re committed to ensuring digital accessibility for all. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone and applying relevant accessibility standards in our product development process. Learn more.

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Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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