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client advisory board

The challenges our partners have in higher education are the ones we are solving.

The solutions we develop are based on the experiences and real-life challenges of frontline academic planning and course scheduling professionals. That's why we listen closely to the insight of our Client Advisory Board, turning their obstacles into opportunities for innovation.

Client Advisory Board:

Laura Boyer

Vice President for Academic Success, Northeast Lakeview College

Dr. Laura E. Boyer serves as Vice President for Academic Success at Northeast Lakeview  College. In this position, she provides leadership for transfer degree programs, workforce programs, course scheduling, the college's Academic Support Services, Learning Resources, Distance Learning, and serves as the Chief Academic Officer.  

Corley F. Dennision III

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education

Corley Dennison serves as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education. From 1985 to 2014, Dennison taught at Marshall University where he was a faculty member, an assistant dean, Dean of the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communication (2004-2012) and Associate Provost (2012-2014)He was appointed to the West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority in 2011 and served as vice chair from 2016 to 2021. Corley is also author of the novel, When the Center Holds True

Russ Frohardt

Dean for Academic Success, Northwest Vista College

Russ is the Dean for Academic Success at Northwest Vista College. He is trained as a behavioral neuroscientist and psychologist and oversees STEM disciplines and career and technical programs at Northwest Vista College. He works with faculty, college and district leadership, students, the local community, and the Ad Astra community to find the best ways to offer the highest quality academic programs in the most efficient ways possible to those he serves.  

Philip Hunt

University Registrar, North Dakota State University

In his role of University Registrar, Philip Hunt collaborates with the Office of Registration and Records in the areas of Academic Affairs, Academic Policies and Procedures, FERPA Regulations, and Records Management. Before coming to NDSU, Philip was the registrar at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Prior to that, he held several positions at George Mason University, including director of access and diversity, compliance officer for FERPA and FOIA and associate registrar. His experience also includes positions at the NCAA and in secondary education. Philip is a valued member of AACRAO, where he manages marketing for the Black Caucus. 

Jay Johnson

Associate Provost for Academic Operations and Development , Northwest Missouri State University

Dr. Jay Johnson has served as the Associate Provost for Academic Operations and Development at Northwest Missouri State University since 2018 where he oversees multiple offices including Career Services, SBDC/Continuing Education, Northwest-Kansas City, and the Registrar’s office, while also serving as the institution’s HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer. Before his service at Northwest, Dr. Johnson served as a business dean at Fontbonne University, an MBA Director and Associate Professor at Friends University, and the Business Management Department Chair at North Central Missouri College.  

Jim Lynch

Assistant Vice President of Learning and Academic Affairs, Mohawk Valley Community College

Jim Lynch is Assistant Vice President of Learning and Academic Affairs at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, New York. Before taking on his current role, Lynch served as Executive Dean of Academic Development and Innovation and Director of Educational Technology at Mohawk Valley Community College. He received a Master of Management from Cambridge College in Boston Massachusetts. 

Chris Patera

Director of Academic Operations, Central Piedmont Community College

As the leader of Central Piedmont’s scheduling team, Chris works with curriculum and college & career readiness schedules, while also overseeing full-time faculty workload and contracts. Chris is guiding a college initiative to rethink how Central Piedmont uses data to create smart, student-centered schedules.

David Short

Registrar, Lamar University

David Short has served at Lamar University, his Alma Mater, for over 20 years. In his current role as registrar, he oversees the ongoing transformation of their schedule to improve student access and maximize campus resources. David finds no greater joy than in setting new graduation records for the school. David has previously held positions in Recruitment and Admissions and continues to view campus through a recruitment lens. David is an active member of TACRAO, where he assists in session planning for their annual conference. David believes his strength is as a solution-oriented problem solver. 

Christina Snedden

Director of Strategic Enrollment Management, San Joaquin Delta College

As the Director of Strategic Enrollment Management, Christina provides operational support, data reporting and scheduling recommendations in all instructional areas while working closely with Student Services, Payroll and HR to ensure compliance with Ed Code, CBA and local policy.  She has worked at San Joaquin Delta College since 2008 and lightheartedly refers to herself as ‘the lynch pin’ due to her widespread campus involvement and institutional knowledge.  She is the subject matter expert for several software platforms including Ad Astra Schedule, and is working to earn that title for Monitor, Align and Predict! 

Sabrina Torok

Data Analyst and Applications System Support, University of Arizona

Sabrina, a University of Arizona alumna, has worked for the University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS) since 2019. On the Tucson campus of the Health Sciences, she supports academic scheduling and works as a data analyst. As a system administrator for Astra Schedule, she collaborates closely with the academic coordinators for curriculum placement each semester, offering end-user support and training. Sabrina’s objective is to develop reporting in an effective manner so that leadership can analyze and enhance campus space utilization.

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