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Optimize course schedules with embedded intelligence.

Empower your institution to operate as a center of excellence. Confidently analyze data to improve scheduling effectiveness and react in real-time to enrollment fluctuations.


Smart systems that allow you to refine and intervene with confidence.


Agile Decision-Making

Proactively refine class schedules and minimize disruption due to late changes with real-time registration data.


Classroom Optimization Tools

Maximize your space utilization through smart room assignments based on customized preferences and what-if scenarios.


Academic Workload Planning

Manage faculty assignments, prevent overloading, and gain a clearer understanding of instructional and non-instructional workloads.


Contextual Awareness

Using the industry’s only benchmarking database, see how your scheduling efforts stack up against your peers. Leverage this data to improve completion rates, faculty capacity, and operational efficiency.



Maximize your spaces with optimized room assignments.

Model what-if scenarios to efficiently assign rooms using state-of-the-art algorithms and custom class scheduling preferences.

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Save time with quick space allocation

Automatically find available spaces for course sections instead of manually searching for rooms.

Optimize existing room utilization

Optimize use of your campus spaces by identifying room criteria that are useful to meet class needs.

Draft multiple scenarios

Feel comfortable with your room assignments by experimenting with drafted scenarios and previewing changes before setting them live.


Faculty Workload Management

Mitigate overloaded faculty with enhanced assignment insights.

Track comprehensive faculty capacity with added insight into non-instructional assignments and reporting by term. 

Available only with Ellucian Banner integrations.
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Reduce overloaded faculty

Assign faculty to sections and meetings while safeguarding against overloaded schedules.

Leverage centralized reporting

Track program capacity with on-demand reports organized by faculty and academic term.

Gain comprehensive insight into workloads

See the full scope of instructional and non-instructional capacity, including full-time equivalency calculations.


Monitor registrations and proactively respond to student needs in real time.

Refine and adapt your schedule with real-time registration visibility. Prepare for and respond to changing student demand with the ability to be notified when courses are nearly full or still struggling to get enrollments.

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Get ahead of late cancellations

Track how quickly courses fill to determine how to adjust offerings during the registration process without wasting resources on unneeded sections.

Foster departmental coordination

Collaborate transparently with stakeholders across your institution on requested changes and confirmations.

Enhance decision efficiency

Reduce time spent creating enrollment reports with simple visualizations into fill rates, enabling you to feel confident during the registration cycle.

Identify modality preferences

Understand how the blend of modalities your institution offers affects real-time student preferences and enrollment trends.

Reduce late adds and cancellations

Minimize disruptions to student progress and faculty assignments by identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies earlier.


Leverage peer-to-peer course schedule benchmarking.

Using Ad Astra’s Higher Education Scheduling Index (HESI®), see how effective your scheduling practices are versus your peers. Leverage data to improve Degree Velocity®, on-time graduation rates, and overall student success, faculty capacity, and operational efficiency.

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Benchmark outcomes against like institutions

 Understand how your institution stacks up across 20+ key academic course scheduling and space capacity measures with peer institutions via our benchmark database.

Improve schedule efficiency

Combat off-grid waste and avoid conflicts for students by tracking meeting pattern usage.

Meet student demand while optimizing resources

Create a balanced schedule by identifying underutilized and overloaded courses.

Make classes more accessible

Identify primetime hours when student demand is the highest and combine with your student demographics to build a more equitable schedule.

We're powering progress through Smart Scheduling.

Learn how using real-time data and thoughtful design can produce high-quality, student-centered schedules.

Success Stories

550+ institutions. 4.5 million students. And counting.

Learn how institutions just like yours are achieving their outcomes with smarter planning and scheduling solutions.

10.0% growth in fall-over-fall enrollments and 997 seats added
10.0 growth in fall-over-fall enrollments and 997 seats added

10.0% growth in fall-over-fall enrollments and 997 seats added

See how Bossier Parish Community College was able to identify bottlenecks and monitor registration in real time to support growth.

Texas A&M Corpus Christi

8.6% increase in Latino student retention rates

Using Ad Astra data to pinpoint course scheduling roadblocks, Texas A&M discovered new ways to decrease stop-outs and improve success.

14% year-over-year contact hour increase
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14% year-over-year contact hour increase

Learn how Northeast Lakeview College achieved sustained growth through efficient scheduling.

Streamlined registration process across 7 campuses
image collin college

Streamlined registration process across 7 campuses

Discover how Collin College streamlined its registration process across seven campuses, exchanging Excel sheets and post-it notes for streamlined, reliable data and dynamic, actionable visuals. 


29% growth in completion among the three largest minority groups

By disaggregating scheduling effectiveness data for minority and Pell-eligble students, Montgomery College is accelerating student completion rates.


We partner with the industry's leading student information systems for easy, reliable integrations.

Continue the journey with us.


Essential Scheduling


Data-informed Scheduling


Student-centered Scheduling


Integrated Planning

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Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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