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Offer the right courses, at the right time, for the right students

The challenges are complex - fluctuating enrollment, allocation of finite faculty and space resources, budget hurdles, and maximizing completions, just to name a few.

Master the Data to build a better schedule

We clarify the process by providing business insights born from our patented approach and proprietary algorithms. Platinum Analytics utilizes dynamic data points from your student success ecosystem, SIS, degree audits, planner and pathway system to model schedules which are both optimized for the student, and more efficient for your campus.

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“Platinum Analytics has really helped us focus on small changes to the academic schedule that will have a big impact."

- Amanda Hamblin, Central New Mexico Community College 

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Identify and adjust scheduling conflicts before registration

Our rich data algorithms optimize the course schedule to align with advising pathways and student progress and highlight conflicts before registration, so students have access to the classes they need when they need them.

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“We are excited to implement Platinum Analytics at the University of Dayton. We have long had gut feelings that we are not using our space efficiently. Platinum Analytics will give us a useful tool to take to university leaders to effect change at the university.”

- Maria Newland, University of Dayton


Integrating with your core systems


Collaborate with experienced, professional consultants

Our consultants and analysts serve up the data for your institution and work with your academic leaders to restructure who, what, how, where, and when courses should be offered to support changing student populations, optimal progression, and efficient academic resource allocation.

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Amanda vasquez

"We don't simply roll schedules forward anymore. We actively review and realign our schedule each semester which allows us to give students what they need so they can complete their degrees in less time, and for less money." 

Amanda Vasquez, The University of Texas at El Paso


Hear with others are saying about the impact Platinum Analytics has made on their campus.
"Platinum Analytics is helping to change our culture and perspectives on scheduling. Student credit hours are up by five percent which graduates our students at a faster rate. Now we have another good measure to tell us how we're doing, and more importantly, how our students are doing."
Erica Brilhart
East Stroudsburg University
"Using Platinum Analytics has saved us pure processing and planning time and has helped us more effectively meet enrollment demand. Our students have more productive schedules and we now have a solid plan for continuous schedule improvement." 
Peter Trumpower
Stark State College