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Course Scheduling with Predictive Analytics

Developing a course schedule to meet student need has never been easier.

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Introducing Predict

By adding student pathway progress with historical enrollment patterns, you can ensure you’re offering the right number of sections to meet student need. Predict offers more precise recommendations by using pathway and student progress information to predict demand for courses.


Key Features

Dive into the key features to discover how Predict can impact your institution.

Model Incoming and Transfer Student Populations

Create a schedule that considers your incoming students and leads to graduations

Combat Course Bottlenecks

Enhance recommendations for bottlenecked courses by blending and comparing student pathway data with historical data

Visualize Risk of Student Time Conflicts

Understand which courses have a high risk of section time conflicts and see what alternative times are available 

Track Student Pathway Progress

Gain visibility into an individual student's progress toward completing their pathway

Bonus Features

Easy Set Up

Access your tool within days after implementation

Flexible Pricing

Get the right solution at the right price

How It Works

Understand Future Student Demand

Student-aligned scheduling is a complex problem. Predict manages that complexity by highlighting courses in a tentative schedule that may be misaligned with student needs by analyzing student progress through pathways to forecast demand. Learn more about Predict from Tom Shaver, Ad Astra's Founder and CEO.


Ready to get started?

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Kore Technologies and Ad Astra Have Partnered for Seamless Data Integration

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Industry Insights

As a consultant working directly with our institutions, it is very exciting to be adding Predict to the Ad Astra suite. Having insight into students' needs based on their pathways allows schools to better plan schedules to meet students’ needs. Predict is a big step forward for Ad Astra, our institutions and the students they serve.

- Angela Vietti, Senior Strategic Solutions Consultant at Ad Astra

Interested in monitoring your registration too?

During registration, wouldn’t it be nice to know how your sections are filling so you can respond to student need in real-time? With Monitor, you can do just that - equip yourself with the insights to know whether to add or cancel sections. 

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Curious about what we're working on next?

Stay up to speed on the progress we're making on our solutions by visiting our Product Journey page, or better yet, follow it to ensure you never miss a thing! 

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