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Real-Time Course Registration Data

Your daily insight into course fill rates.   



Introducing Monitor 

Registration's open and excitement is in the air. Students are enrolling, but do you know how your courses are filling? Without visibility into the registration data, it's almost impossible to prepare and respond to student need. Monitor not only gives visibility but allows you to be notified when courses are nearly full or still struggling to get enrollments.

Key Features

Feel confident about your next registration cycle by ensuring you have all the information you need to refine your schedule during registration.

Track Registration in Real-Time

Capture how quickly courses are filling, so you know whether you need to adjust section offerings 

Simplified Data and Insights

Find registration data easily with clear visualizations, and drill into specific courses

Threshold Monitoring 

Track fill rate percentages above and below defined thresholds

Customizable Notifications

Be notified of changes on courses you want to track

Meet Modality Preferences

Understand the blend of modalities you are offering and see real-time student preferences 

In-App Communication

Collaborate with stakeholders on requested changes and confirmations

Bonus Features

Easy Set Up

Access your tool within days after implementation

Flexible Pricing

Get the right solution at the right price

Hear How Monitor Is Helping To Create Institutional Efficiencies 

"We have been able to manage our instructional spaces more efficiently with real-time enrollment and course usage data being available to us immediately.
The Ad Astra reporting tools have reduced the amount of time that was previously necessary to prepare and generate enrollment and utilization reports."

Richard Sheldon
Marymount Manhattan College

“Monitor has changed the way we track student registration. Department chairs and deans are amazed at how easily adaptable the application is. They could jump right in and get the data they need to make data-driven decisions.  

Gone are the days when we ‘think’ that a course will fill up the week before classes. We can track exactly when it will happen with little to no work on our end.” 

Christie Roberts
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

More Ways To
Monitor Enrollment 

During registration, wouldn’t it be nice to know how your sections are filling so you can respond to student need in real-time? With Monitor, you can do just that - equip yourself with the insights to know whether to add or cancel sections. 








Kore Technologies and Ad Astra Have Partnered for Seamless Data Integration

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Need a Comprehensive Data-informed View Into Your Course Scheduling Needs?

Student-aligned scheduling is a complex problem. Predict can simplify the process. Click the button below to learn how adding student pathway progress with historical course enrollment patterns can help you ensure your institution is offering the right number of sections to meet student need.   

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Stay up to speed on the progress we're making on our solutions by visiting our Product Journey page, or better yet, follow it to ensure you never miss a thing! 

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