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Degree Velocity®

Leverage leading indicators to impact student success

By monitoring the productive credit hour completion rate of a student or cohort, institutions are positively impacting students' ability to complete momentum year requirements and improving overall time to degree. This leading metric allows institutions to benchmark current student cohorts and make data-informed decisions about just-in-time interventions to remove student success barriers. Keep reading to learn more.






How to Improve Degree Velocity®

Leverage analytics to identify where and why students are falling off their pathway,
then use the data to inform intervention strategies that support on-time degree completion.
Discover strategies in our resource center by clicking the button below.

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Find Your Starting Point
by Analyzing Your Infrastructure

Your level of course scheduling infrastructure is directly related to your ability to improve Degree Velocity® and plan for completions. Take the complimentary Course Scheduling Infrastructure Diagnostic by clicking the button below, or keep scrolling to find solutions to improve your Degree Velocity®.

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Solutions to Impact Degree Velocity®

Ad Astra consultants understand that multiple factors impact student success. By caring for each institution’s unique set of challenges and opportunities, they help leaders identify and implement high-impact strategies and solutions to positively impact time to degree.


Build a course schedule aligned to students' needs by infusing data and collaboration in one tool. 

Key features:

  • Review sections and course-level recommendations based on historical data
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to plan and implement changes to the course schedule
  • Filter courses relevant to users or departments

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Combine student pathway progress with historical enrollment patterns to ensure you're offering the right number of sections.

Key features:

  • Model incoming student populations for a more accurate prediction of student demand
  • Use individual student progress data to ensure access to required pathway courses
  • Frequent data updates that reflect recent schedule changes for continued refinement

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Ensure you have the data you need to manage your next registration cycle effectively.

Key features:

  • Visibility into course registration
  • Monitor enrollment ration thresholds so you know when to respond
  • Centralize collaboration, notifications, and communication in one easy to use platform

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Ad Astra consultants are helping institutions make data-informed decisions around their schedule through specialized services.

Key features:

  • Benchmark your academic data to higher education peers
  • Dedicated team to help you pinpoint areas for growth
  • Project plans to achieve growth strategy

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