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2022-2023 Report Guide
Scheduling is a complex issue, with questions arising at every turn. Don't worry, our reports are here to provide the clear insight you need. Browse all the reports we built to answer your questions.
The Evolution of Events: Then and Now
While the ebb and flow of scheduling continues to look a little different in 2022, Ad Astra connected with experts to find out what's changed at their institution in the realm of events.
Achieving a 4-term Schedule
Germanna Community College’s student-centric approach to annual schedule planning removes friction points to enrollment, reduces time to completion, and boosts degree velocity by allowing students to plan four terms in advance. Is your institution ready to look ahead too?
Why Smart Scheduling Matters
You’ve done your best when it comes to predicting how many students will enroll in the upcoming semester, but can you adjust to real-time enrollment fluctuations? 
5 Reports that Save the Day
Whether you’re a registrar, a dean, or a department chair, accessible and easy-to-analyze reports make all the difference in creating a student-centric course schedule. Learn 5 reports that save the day for academic operation professionals as they make data-backed decisions.
Building Schedules for the Future
Advising and registration are complex, making long-term planning all the more daunting for institutions. The off-season can be the perfect time to take a step back and determine plans for improvement – such as introducing an annual schedule on campus. This off-season mindset can create a direct impact in the regular season.  

A Foundational Approach to Improving Registration

Collin College streamlined its registration process across seven campuses, exchanging Excel sheets and post-it notes for streamlined, reliable data and dynamic, actionable visuals. 

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Data Storytelling to Improve Course Scheduling
The University of Toledo is matching supply and demand by combining critical administrator inputs with Ad Astra data to inform and improve the course scheduling process. 
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Spotlight on Scheduling Innovators
The rapidly changing college environment demands a course scheduling process that’s equal parts creativity and innovation. Through collaboration with Ad Astra, these frontline higher education professionals are employing thoughtful strategies to enhance and streamline their institution’s scheduling process, ensuring student success today and in the future.

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