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The Evolution of Events: Then and Now

After a tumultuous two+ years, students are finally back on campus -- meaning events and non-academic room scheduling are in full force! While the ebb and flow of scheduling continues to look a little different in 2022, what hasn’t changed is the passion of event schedulers on campus. Ad Astra connected with experts on different campuses to ask, “So what’s it like?”. Here’s what they said:



When in-person was no longer an option, events became all virtual, all the time.


There was less need for events staff during the pandemic, creating many staff-related departures.


Pre-COVID speaker events often came with a high price tag for appearing in-person.


Event planning rarely included the option of livestreaming events for off-campus attendees.


COVID regulations necessitated social distancing and masks, and events accommodated fewer attendees. 


Departments had limited access to cameras, microphones, and other equipment to broadcast beyond the classroom or campus.


Staff and students had limited familiarity in the use of streaming platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


Events required intense pre-planning and the involvement of scheduling team(s) on-campus.



Event planners are embracing flexibility when/if there’s a need to switch from virtual, to in person (possibly hybrid), and sometimes back to all virtual again.


New hires are necessitating internal onboarding and education of new staff and faculty.


Hosting virtual speakers can increase the caliber of lecturer while eliminating costly in-person fees.


Livestreaming now offers the bonus of welcoming a remote audience, accommodating on- and off-campus viewing and playback opportunities. 


Event planners are celebrating the return to in-person events, welcoming growing numbers and an increase in events.


Increased know-how and greater access to better equipment enables accommodation of live, hybrid and virtual events.


Two years of regular use of streaming platforms have created greater comfort and new expert users.


Events staff, with the power of modern software, have added flexibility to quickly create and run events, in-person and virtually, with ease.

With these rapid changes, the need for a scheduling software grows every day. Get complete visibility into your institution’s academic and event scheduling and discover a better way to manage your institution’s events. Talk to an Ad Astra expert today.

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