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2022-23 Report Guide

Data insights for every scheduling question


Scheduling is a complex issue, one that inevitably brings up more questions than answers.

Cut through the ambiguity with simple-to-interpret data, quick dashboard views, and easy-to-run reports that offer reliable answers to your top scheduling questions and categories of concern.



Questions, QuestionS

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Course Registration

Questions: How can I view a comprehensive overview of how courses are filling during registration (by campus, course, time of day, modality, etc.)? Which time of day is filling faster? Which modalities are filling faster?


Report: Monitor Insights
Location: Schedule Refinement/Registration Tracking


Questions: How can I compare registration data for two different terms? Are courses filling at a different rate this term compared to prior term(s)?


Report: Historical Snapshot Comparison
Location: Schedule Refinement/Registration Tracking


Space Usage and Scheduling Patterns

Questions: How can I see how and when my spaces are being used? When are courses scheduled at my campus (meeting patterns)?


Report: Room Scheduling Patterns
Location: Instructional Capacity


Questions: How can I see how much classroom space I’m using? Where are my classroom bottlenecks? Are my sections scheduled on the dominant meeting pattern grid?


Report: Capacity Analysis
Location: Instructional Capacity


Course Offerings Metrics and Trends

Questions: How can I see (and export) what courses I’ve offered in the past academic years? How can I compare multiple terms in an annual schedule?


Report: Course Offerings by Term
Location: Schedule Refinement/Course Offerings


Questions: How can I see institutional enrollment ratio metrics? How many of my courses were overloaded in previous terms? How much has my schedule grown in past years?


Report: Course Offerings Index
Location: Schedule Refinement/Course Offerings



Top 10 Most Accessed Ad Astra Reports

Section Info with Modality

2. Degree Velocity® Summary
3. Historical Snapshot Comparison
4. Section Offering Heat Map
5. Course Offerings Index

6. Low Enrollment Sections
7. Course Offerings by Term
8. Enrollment Ratio Comparison
9. Room Scheduling Patterns
10. Section Meeting List


Section Schedule Details

Questions: How can I review section registration details by modality (including instructor level data)? What percentage of sections are we offering by modality?


Report: Section Info with Modality
Location: Schedule Refinement/Section Lists


Questions: How can I quickly see sections with low enrollment (ability to set threshold)?


Report: Low Enrollment Sections
Location: Schedule Refinement/Section Lists


Questions: How can I see what time of day/day of week my seats/sections/students are placed in?


Report: Section Offering Heat Map
Location: Schedule Refinement/Section Lists



Student Completion

Questions: How can I see how fast my current students are progressing to completion?


Report: Degree Velocity® Summary 
Location: Degree Velocity®


Predict Candidates

Questions: How are my addition candidates filling in the current term? Are my reduction candidates consistently underfilled?


Report: Align Candidate Report
Location: Schedule Refinement/Align Details


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