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Client Advisory Board

4 Reasons Our Client Advisory Board Benefits You

Ad Astra’s Client Advisory Board (CAB) performs much like a Collegiate Advisory Board. Both provide guidance and direction to ensure offerings are high quality and relevant to users. The CAB, which consists of both frontline practitioners and higher education leaders, connects Ad Astra product designers with two- and four-year institutions who extensively use Ad Astra products.

Four ways a CAB supports you.


Theoretical Meets Practical

At Ad Astra, we’re not just theorizing on how a product should or could work. Instead, we’re going straight to the source – the practical end-users who regularly leverage the products. The frontline wisdom and industry perspective obtained from this group of experts is instrumental in helping Ad Astra maintain a nimble approach, one that keeps pace with higher education’s most pressing concerns.

Peer-led Innovation

The ongoing relevancy of a product is largely determined by its usefulness and reliability. Our company roadmap and new product launches are informed by inputs from our CAB. A dedicated forum for collaboration, Ad Astra’s product and marketing teams look to CAB members for guidance, constructive feedback, and best practices to help clients navigate the winds of change. 

Industry-fueled Insights

Ad Astra’s CAB is representative of the needs and concerns of our two- and four-year partner institutions, namely helping achieve the critical goals of student success and financial stability. Our collaborative approach leverages the first-hand experience of our CAB members, bringing great minds together to share inputs and feedback to inform future products and improve outcomes. 

Collective Action

Institutions today grapple with a number of big questions including fluctuating enrollments, meeting the needs of post-traditional students, and bridging equity gaps. Providing guidance and direction, CAB subject matter experts ensure Ad Astra is producing software designed to meet the overarching goals of student success and financial stability.

Need help or have questions? Reach out to education@aais.com.