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Continuous Improvement

Now you have the ability to change as student needs change.

Student needs are changing. Modern institutions - and the partners that serve them - must be agile and prepared for continuous improvement. This is why Ad Astra is introducing a new solution that facilitates institution-wide transparency, collaboration, and coordination around critical data-driven insights.

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Don’t just finish your schedule. Advance your mission.

Go beyond rolling forward your schedule: create smart, student-centered schedules. Take it to the next level by integrating your schedule-building process with your academic plan for the year.
Ad Astra Schedule Dashboard

A good schedule is a student-aligned schedule.

Over 90% of undergraduates believe it’s essential to be able to register for classes with minimal schedule conflicts…but only half of students are satisfied with their actual registration experience. Ad Astra empowers you to maintain paths to completion that your students can trust.
Student scheduling classes


Data-Informed Course Scheduling

A patented process that predicts course demand from student pathway progress and historical enrollment patterns. By comparing forecasted demand with tentative offerings, we highlight schedule change candidates that align with students’ needs, improve resource utilization, and minimize disruption.


Powered by Align & Predict

Students in a classroom

Key Features:

Targeted Change Candidates

Insights to streamline course-level recommendations and minimize disruptions.

Student Pathway Progress

Simulation of incoming students & visibility into individual students’ progress toward pathway completion.

Course Bottleneck Mitigation

Recommendations that use pathway and historical data to combat bottlenecked course offerings.

Student Time Conflict Elimination

Transparency into courses that have a high risk of section time conflicts and available alternative meeting pattern availability.


Schedule Building

A framework that integrates the efforts of your distributed scheduling team to create efficient, student-friendly and policy-aligned schedules. 

Professor showing laptop screen

Key Features:

Section Editing

Section editing within the same interface that provides course recommendations.


Collaboration tools to help you stay up-to-date in real-time with your colleagues.

Space Optimization

Scheduling preferences to optimize resources and create what-if scenarios.


Non-academic Event Management

Streamlined events scheduling, anywhere on campus.


Included with Astra Schedule®️

Speaker presenting at an event

Key Features:

Event Requesting & Management

Robust tools that help you simplify creating, modifying, and managing events on campus.

Centralized Calendar

Real-time availability of event and academic spaces in one location.

Mobile-first User Experience

Real-time access for all users anytime, anywhere.

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Let’s begin our journey

Education is a journey.
We set the course.

Learn more about how Ad Astra can help your institution improve graduation rates, financial stability, and equitable outcomes.

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Education is a journey. We set the course.

Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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