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Feel like you’ve been in the dark with classroom and event scheduling? Has managing multiple calendars led to conflicts and time-consuming scheduling practices? Bring them all together in one central calendar with the ability to manage both space and scheduling.  

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Align your academic space to best meet student needs

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Learn how to use faculty to their fullest potential within your scheduling needs

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Computers, HVAC systems, projectors - track it all in one tool

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Manage events more effectively with a campus-wide calendar of all activities

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The room optimization algorithm uncovers space bottlenecks, allowing institutional leaders the opportunity to adjust and align their resources


Using Ad Astra’s scheduling optimizer for your institution’s schedule can be the difference between graduation and a never-ending journey


Faculty are likely your institution’s most valuable resource, learn how to use them to their fullest potential within your scheduling needs

Discover how well you are utilizing space on campus with our complementary Course Schedule Evaluation. 

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Your academic course schedule is key to a successful and integrated advising, planning, and completion ecosystem. An organized, timely, accurate schedule not only benefits your staff, but also activates your student advising and planning investments. Campus enrollment fluctuations and other challenges are easier to address with reports and clear insight into all available resources.

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Hear with others are saying about the impact Astra Schedule has made on their campus.
"Our scheduling and rescheduling is much easier now. We have a view of our building resources that is centralized and comprehensive. Astra Schedule is a management tool that has paid huge dividends for us in time and energy cost savings." 
Jessica Steenbergen
Western Kentucky University
"The Astra scheduling tools have been invaluable in helping us handle immediate growth challenges, and we plan to take advantage of more features and benefits going forward."
David Timoney
University of Kentucky
"Progressive conversations with faculty and deans, awesome background support from Ad Astra staff, and solid planning over time enabled our campus to basically eliminate room ownership in one semester with the use of Astra Schedule." 
Max Arb
Valencia College