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Ad Astra has helped 500+ institutions graduate more students faster while improving financial health, operational efficiency, and equitable outcomes. Learn more about their stories.
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Case Studies

Our clients have stories to share. Don't just take our word for it, though. Learn about the success other institutions are having across the country. You could be next.

South Louisiana Community College

Streamlined Manual Processes to Improve Efficiency & ROI

Learn how SLCC streamlined manual processes to improve efficiency and ROI.
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Lamar University

Accelerating Student Completions

Discover how Lamar University achieved something many universities haven’t been able to do: Multi-term scheduling centralized within their registrar’s office. But the story doesn’t end there.

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Mohawk Valley Community College

Using Leading Metrics to Improve Time to Completion

Mohawk Valley Community College was concerned about the slowing rate at which students were progressing toward a degree. By partnering with Ad Astra to use leading metrics, MVCC's students take fewer unnecessary credits, further decreasing the time to degree and boosting scheduling efficiencies throughout the institution

West Virginia Northern Community College, Wheeling, WV

West Virginia Northern Community College

Course Scheduling Issues Solved

WVNCC sought a way to determine if a program was sustainable and/or what was needed to make it become sustainable. Without this insight, they found the schedule would be plagued with last-minute cancelations and additions, which are costly for the institution and for students. By partnering with Ad Astra, WVNCC now has the data needed to create ROI for each class.


Western Kentucky University

Reallocation Lead to Savings

Western Kentucky University had to reallocate offices, classrooms, labs, and auditoriums during a three-week semester break. Astra Schedule powered fast rescheduling decisions and over three summer terms, WKU has saved
more than $350,000 in energy costs.

University of Kentucky

Refine Academic Schedules

The University of Kentucky had to develop a plan in short order for handling a larger than expected freshman class. Ad Astra's strategies and scheduling intelligence helped refine academic schedules to accommodate new students, sections, and classroom assignments.

Los Rios Community College District

Improve Persistence and Success

Los Rios Community College District will utilize data to identify scheduling barriers and align course offerings with the real-world course requirements of their students, in an effort to improve student outcomes.


Albany State University

Restructuring Academic Operations

After merging with another institution in the state, Albany State University looks to the course schedule to better serve their growing student population. Learn how they used the academic schedule to impact student success and ROI.

Guildford Technical College

Advance Student Outcomes

GTCC analyze student data to inform the implementation of new practices and track institutional progress, to benefit student retention, success, and completion.

Equity Examples

How can you impact your minority students through course schedule refinement? Learn how other institutions create a positive influence.


Utilizing the Course Schedule to Decrease Bottlenecks and Equity Gaps

As a recognized Hispanic Serving Institution, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi has a history of Latino student success. They began to notice that general education bottlenecks were becoming a barrier to completion in this student population. In an effort to better serve students, they aligned their schedule with demographic needs and increased enrollments. 

“Annualized Scheduling” Increases Hispanic Retention, Graduation, and Enrollments

When every department is scheduling classes, lack of communication can lead to resources lacking optimization. To combat fragmentation, Central New Mexico Community College centralized their scheduling process to ensure they were offering enough sections for all students to access needed courses. This has greatly impacted their Latino and Native American students.

Asian and African American Student Retention Increases Due to Scheduling Changes

When late-term cancellations began to impact students, Arapahoe Community College realized change was necessary to stand by their mission and support student success. After evaluating areas of opportunity within the course schedule, they were able to bolster student credit hour loads and retention, allowing this community college to serve its mission while decreasing equity gaps.

Partner Spotlights

Do partnerships really lead to results? We'll let you come to your own conclusion by checking out our partner spotlights. 



AASCU + AD Astra

AASCU’s 400 member colleges and universities are committed to student access, success, and opportunity. Collectively, they serve nearly four million students, and enroll a significant portion of undergraduates who are first generation, Pell-eligible, or members of underrepresented minority groups. They are designed to be - and strive to be - engines for economic mobility. Learn how they use the schedule to drive change.

CCA Game Changers

Complete College America released a series of recommendations to increase retention and completion for community colleges. Needless to say, these recommendations are game changers. Learn how to bring each recommendation to fruition by operationalizing the tips. Do you require pathways intervention? Are you focusing on students in your momentum year? Learn how to put these practices into action. 

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