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LIVE WEBINAR - May 2, 2023, at 2 pm ET

Maximizing Momentum: The course schedule as an effective tool for equitable student success

John Hamman, Chief Analytics and Insights Officer, Montgomery College

Montgomery College intentionally refined the college’s course schedule to ensure ALL students could access pathways to maximize momentum toward credential completion. Informed by both qualitative and quantitative data, the college improved its most critical infrastructural tool to become a completion-wielding, student-serving machine.  


Partnering with Ad Astra, Montgomery disaggregated student success results based on race/ethnicity, gender, Pell recipient, credit load, and programs of study. The team then incorporated real-time data and effective scheduling practices to refine the course schedule. This work, combined with other ongoing student success initiatives, produces evidence of improved credential attainment, greater momentum through program pathways, and enhanced gateway course success.  


In this session, we'll explore:  


  • How to use data and effective scheduling practices to enhance the student experience and better assure access to an optimal student-centric course schedule. 
  • The role of benchmarking in monitoring and responding to the effectiveness of the course schedule, via metrics like HESI® (Higher Education Scheduling Index) and Degree Velocity (time to degree) 
  • Montgomery College’s evidence of student success as measured by national, state, and college outcomes. 
  • Course scheduling metrics and strategies designed to monitor students’ access and success navigating the academic course schedule.  


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