Pathways design analysis   

Pathways are widely embraced as a student success strategy.
Unfortunately, many institutions struggle to operationalize them.
As a result, pathways are often a good idea that have more promise
than real impact on student completions.

What are pathways

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Use Data to Build and Deliver Pathways 

Moving from concept to reality isn’t easy. Opinions vary on how ‘guided’
pathways should be. Smaller programs don’t have the critical mass of
enrollments to support multiple options for degree requirements. Differing
core requirements in various programs can considerably delay completions
when students change majors.
Ad Astra can help you work through these complexities and controversies.
We deliver the data and best practices that enable you to move your pathways
initiative from concept to reality.

Pathways Overview 

Effectively managing the course schedule can improve student retention and ultimately, graduate rates.  




Pathway Design - Tom

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Ad Astra can help provide a framework to define and facilitate the implementation of pathways for each degree program offered, including meta-major interest areas
• Share essential elements and best practices
• Define data requirements and catalog requirements
• Guidance on pathway design and templates that will be used in building maps
• System support and integration
• and more...

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