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    LaunchPad Learning has everything you need from training, product certifications, and hands-on strategic workshops to help you optimize your institutional infrastructure! We've created a program that comes in all shapes and sizes that's customized to fit your needs.

    By leveraging this community, you'll walk away with:

    New skills and strategies that work towards your institutional and professional goals.
    Knowledge you can implement at your institution and share with your team and leaders.
    Access to additional learning as new apps and services are released.

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    Astra Schedule - Essential

    Perfect for individuals who are new to the software, or those wanting to make sure they're using Astra Schedule to the fullest. 

    Walk away with the necessary training needed to effectively manage space on campus with the Astra Schedule platform.


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    Astra Schedule - Advanced

    Perfect for the Astra Schedule novice who knows the basics of the software and is looking to advance their skill set.

    Put your Astra Schedule knowledge to the test with scenario-based training you might face when managing rooms and events.

    Coming Soon! 


    Managing the Academic Enterprise 

    Perfect for institutional leaders who are looking to design strategies for effective and responsible stewardship of academic resources.

    This four-week curriculum is packed with new ways to leverage data and best practices to develop strategies and tactics focused on student success, enrollment health, and financial sustainability.

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    Astra App
    Product Training 

    Perfect for individuals looking to learn everything they need to know about Ad Astra solutions.

    Learn about all the features our new apps offer so you can build a course schedule that helps your students succeed. 

    Be on the look out! We're adding additional online learning videos here as new products are released.


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