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Save time scheduling. Improve student outcomes.

Discover our full suite of smart academic planning & scheduling solutions.


Improving higher ed outcomes for 27 years.

Ad Astra’s software provides data-driven solutions for academic planning and scheduling, enabling colleges & universities to graduate students faster. With Ad Astra, you can:
Increase student retention and graduation rates
By ensuring students have access to the courses they need, when they need them.
Improve financial sustainability and increase revenue
By focusing instructional capacity and leveraging multi-term planning.
Bridge equity gaps and promote inclusion
By disaggregating data & targeting interventions to create schedules that meet the diverse needs of your students.
Streamline decision making and boost operational efficiency
By eliminating manual processes and enhancing collaboration across your institution.

Our Solutions

With Ad Astra’s product suite, colleges and universities can now improve efficiency in course and event scheduling, maximizing student success and aligning stakeholders for optimal financial outcomes.


Essential Scheduling

Collaborative academic scheduling software that improves operational efficiency.

Data-Informed Scheduling

Smart scheduling systems to facilitate targeted schedule optimizations.


Student-centered Scheduling

Intelligent insights that maximize student outcomes and minimize disruption.

Integrated Planning

Annual planning software that aligns stakeholders and optimizes sutdent and financial outcomes.

Partners in Your Success

We’ve helped over 550 institutions achieve their goals and 4.5 million students graduate.

Learn how institutions just like yours are leveraging our smart planning and scheduling solutions.

Efficient scheduling for 15,000+ unique class sections a year.

Efficient scheduling for 15,000+ unique class sections a year.

Discover how the University of Missouri-Kansas City improved student success through smart academic course scheduling.


8% increase in retention year over year

See how Northwest Missouri State University leveraged Ad Astra’s scheduling tools to create operational efficiency, transparency across departments, and ultimately help improve student outcomes.


20+ hours per term saved

Discover how Butler Community College said goodbye to manual processes & automated their scheduling process, saving 20-30 hours of work each term.


Reduced canceled classes term-over-term from 15 to two.

Learn how South Louisiana Community College streamlined manual processes to improve efficiency and ROI. 


$350k savings during a multi-year configuration of academic building resources

When Western Kentucky had to reallocate 156 rooms due to a building shutdown, Ad Astra powered fast rescheduling decisions using room and resource data – ultimately helping the university achieve a six-figure savings.


We partner with the industry's leading student information systems for easy, reliable integrations.

How Ad Astra Works

Ad Astra combines patented algorithms, embedded intelligence, and cloud-based technology to deliver smart solutions for academic planning and scheduling.


Data Integration

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your student information system to reveal insights from your course offerings, schedule history, and current student population.

Scheduling Optimization

Ad Astra leverages patented processes to help you create efficient schedules, minimizing conflicts and aligning with institutional goals.

Resource Management

Our software allocates classrooms and faculty, manages resources, and ensures equitable faculty workloads.

Reporting and Analysis

The Ad Astra platform houses an ever-growing library of reports designed to help you evaluate scheduling practices for improved decision-making.

Ready to start planning and scheduling smarter?

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Education is a journey. We set the course.

Ad Astra is the trusted partner of colleges and universities committed to graduating more students faster. ​Through data-informed planning and course scheduling, we empower institutions to remove barriers to completion while also ensuring financial sustainability.


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