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    cab_2019Our Client Advisory Board (CAB) assists us in shaping our products and services. Meet them!
    Vicky strives to provide a creative, efficient one-stop shop for event scheduling. She developed campus enablement materials to help campus and community users better understand event scheduling procedures. She has also supported UT Tyler’s service departments by developing resources that equip these departments with critical event information, resulting in more seamless events.
    Vicky Bond
    Director of Scheduling & Conference Services at The University of Texas at Tyler
    Allen has 30 years of higher education experience in the areas of enrollment management, registrar's office, financial aid, admissions, VA certifying, data reporting and analysis. He has also assisted with the implementation of student systems and degree-audit modules.
    Allen Cole III
    University Registrar at Northern Kentucky University

    Christina Bellon oversees the College's budget and instructional resources, including enrollment management, space allocation and utilization, schedule management, assessment, and accreditation processes, and contributes to the development and oversight of the College's Student Success Center, Four Year Promise Program, and Completion BA.

    Christina Bellon
    Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Letters at Sacramento State
    Michelle’s responsibilities range from setting up customers, providing training, supporting Registrars, troubleshooting issues, and reporting. Michelle has worked at Indiana University for 13 years in both academic/student support and technology service areas. 
    Michelle Bright
    Business Analyst for Indiana University
    Katherine applies a wide range of policies and procedures to schedule classes for all terms, to maximize the utilization of classroom space, and to ensure accuracy of course information. She works closely with multiple campus offices on course and campus scheduling, the student information system and is the technical, college-wide Ad Astra liaison.
    Katherine Roberts
    Academic Scheduling Coordinator at Le Moyne College

    Antonia’s responsibilities include providing visionary direction and strategic planning for campus events and services. She also directs and manages the implementation of Astra Schedule and its upgrades; providing group and one-on-one training. Additionally, she serves as the liaison for Instructional Technology and Services.

    Antonia Custodio
    Associate Director of Campus Operations for Monroe Community College’s Downtown Campus.

    Diane serves on the College’s Culinary Advisory Board, Space Utilization Task Force, and the Land Use Committee, just to name a few. Diane has been instrumental in the re-implementation of Astra Schedule and the addition of Dashboards. She currently is chair of the Astra Steering Committee and manages event scheduling for the College.  


    Diane Boss
    Director of Food Services and Event Management at Northwest Arkansas Community College

    Christie coordinates and leads a team and the institution providing knowledge and expertise in academic scheduling.  A big believer in data driven decisions and teamwork, Christie supports projects that help students and the university achieve success. Christie works in different facets within the Registrar’s office such as budget development, student and athletic certification, as well as academic and event scheduling.  

    Christie Roberts
    Assistant Registrar with Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi

    Sarah provides strategic leadership for scheduling and operations in campus learning spaces. She manages academic and final exam scheduling, day-to-day facility operations, customer support, and both the scheduling and the utilization of general purpose classrooms, computer labs, and study spaces. Her team also provides system administration for Astra Schedule.

    Sarah Kussow
    Associate Director in the Office of Classroom Management at the University of Minnesota

    Nathan oversees and supports areas concerning catalog and curriculum, as well as course and room scheduling. He serves as the campus administrator for Astra Schedule, which he utilizes to provide information about scheduling trends and room utilization in support of campus improvement and scheduling initiatives.

    Nathan Congleton
    Associate Registrar at the University of Kentucky

    Cyrille Parent has been at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) for the past 21 years, starting as an adjunct faculty member in the French Department and now serving as the Chief Technology Officer for the college. Cyrille participated in the RFP process that selected Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics for all thirteen schools in the Colorado Community College System and was actively involved in the implementation of both at PPCC. 

    Chief Technology Officer at Pikes Peak Community College