Astra Schedule™

Astra Schedule™

Astra Schedule™, our interactive scheduling system, helps you coordinate academic, event and resource scheduling functions in one enterprise-wide system. Astra Schedule can integrate with your existing systems, such as your student information system.

A web-based, enterprise class scheduling system and calendar for both academics and events.

  • Unifies the entire campus on one highly visible system to eliminate double-bookings and enhance communication
  • Optimizes your academic room assignments for better space utilization
  • Integrates with your student information system
  • Automates communication with configurable workflow for event management
  • Offers an extensive list of delivered reports and a report writing tool

Enterprise Calendaring

Managing all academic and event activities in one system not only provides the most thorough calendaring information possible, but also eliminates wasted time and confusion from double entry into multiple scheduling systems.

Event Management

With Astra Schedule, no detail is overlooked. Event management tools allow event coordinators and resource managers to assign customers, resources, services, room setup instructions and billing—all in one system—to ensure complete and successful activity coordination.


Astra Schedule delivers a large number of standard reports, including data for academics, events, resources, space utilization, system administration, dashboard reports and more. Additionally, users can create custom reports and schedule report subscriptions to allow contacts to receive frequently used reports via e-mail, which helps keep everyone—from the provost to the security staff—up-to-date with vital information.

The Optimizer and Preference Setting

Astra Schedule's optimization algorithm is designed to automate the academic scheduling process and place sections into the most appropriate ("best fit") space available. There is no pre-sorting that arbitrarily favors some sections over others—they all have an equal chance of receiving a desired room. Preference setting, at the global and section levels, allows users to take into account the pedagogical needs for courses and instructors.

Scenario Modeling

The Optimizer allows users to run "what if" scenarios to view results before assigning rooms. This space modeling functionality allows you to make changes to section offerings and select different "global preference sets" in scenario mode and then rerun the schedule to model the changes.