Financial Health


Fiscal health and student success can be two sides of the same coin. By understanding costs, revenue, and contribution margins for your academic programs, you uncover insights that inform design and scheduling decisions-moving the needle on financial health and Degree Velocity™. Keep reading to learn more.






How To Improve Financial Health

Integrating margin contribution with design and scheduling activities allows for active management and collaboration around your academic programs. By integrating pathway and course schedule refinement strategies, you can make continuous improvements to your academic programs’ fiscal health. Click the button below to find case studies and resources to support you in implementing these strategies. 

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Find Your Starting Point

Discover how well your institution's infrastructure is promoting financial health and student success to better manage your academic enterprise. Take the complimentary Course Scheduling Infrastructure Diagnostic by click the button below, or keep scrolling to find solution to improve your financial health.

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Solutions to Elevate your Financial Health

Ad Astra consultants understand multiple factors play into student success. By caring for each institution’s unique set of challenges and opportunities, they provide the right answers at the right time to positively impact financial health. 

Financial Analysis

Analyze the instructional cost for each program and understand the balance for enrollment and tuition levels. 

Key features:

  • Revenue and margin analysis for academic programs
  • Program, course, and section level breakdown pinpointing efficiencies
  • Cost-management recommendations aligned with student success goals
  • Instructional cost analyses, reports, and interactive dashboardsLearn More Button


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