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Ad Astra partners share why they're feeling lucky

March 2024
Best Practices
Nicole Dingley, VP of Marketing, Ad Astra

As we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, a day filled with luck and good fortune, it's the perfect time to reflect on the pot of gold that Ad Astra brings to institutions across the country. Through a survey conducted among more than 400 of its clients, it's evident that Ad Astra is not just a scheduling tool; it's a four-leaf clover, a rare find that brings joy and efficiency to those who use it. Let's explore the top four reasons colleges and universities feel lucky to be using Ad Astra.


#1: Scheduling Simplified with a Touch of Magic 🪄


One of the standout features that people consistently rave about is the simplicity and ease of scheduling. Ad Astra has transformed the often complex task of scheduling into a seamless experience. Clients enjoy the intuitive interface which allows them to quickly navigate and the scheduling grids which provide a visual representation of available spaces.


“Ad Astra makes scheduling classes and then monitoring enrollment so easy, freeing up my time for everything else on my plate” Linda Williams, Tidewater Community College


#2: Classroom Alchemy: Turning Data into Schedule Gold 🪙


Ad Astra goes beyond basic scheduling. Users love the ability to harness the power of their own data to create student-centered schedules. The platform's predictive analytics capabilities take the guesswork out of planning, ensuring that classes and sections are not just scheduled but strategically placed to meet student demand. 


“Data and reporting are essential to efficient academic scheduling, and Ad Astra does it brilliantly.” Erica Dana, Vermont State University


#3: A Pot of Gold in Room Assignments 🍲


Gone are the days of endless searches for the perfect room. Ad Astra's Room Assignment optimization capabilities are hailed as a life-saver, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. What used to take weeks of manual scheduling can now be accomplished in record time. Users appreciate the ability to easily filter room needs by location, capacity, AV requirements, and availability, making room assignments a breeze.


“Room assignment optimization has helped save so much time and effort from manually scheduling class sections. What used to take weeks of meetings gets done in one afternoon.” Jason Madden, Black Hawk College 


#4: A Leprechaun's Gift: Excellent Customer Service 📦


Ad Astra isn’t just a software solution; it’s a team of professionals dedicated to your success. Clients consistently praise the responsiveness of the support and success teams. The Ad Astra team is seen as a valuable partner in the journey towards streamlined operations and student success.


“The number one thing that I love about Ad Astra is the responsiveness to issues/tickets and the dedication to customer success.” Rosa Diana Sanchez, Tarrant County Community College


As we raise our glasses to toast St. Patrick's Day, let's also raise them in appreciation for the stroke of luck that is not just Ad Astra but the remarkable collection of colleges and universities who leverage their solutions. Together, we’re helping more students graduate faster. 🍀

Nicole Round Headshot

Nicole Dingley
VP of Marketing, Ad Astra

Nicole is a first-generation college graduate with more than two decades of  EdTech experience in sales, client success, and marketing. She has helped to build multiple customer communities where higher education practitioners can connect and collaborate around student success best practices. Nicole is passionate about sharing customer stories to drive awareness, growth, and engagement. 

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