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Schedule Refinement 

ASU Success StorySuccess Story
Learn how ASU used the academic schedule to better serve its growing student population and impact ROI.

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Planning Strategy 
Identify the clear opportunity to rethink long-standing structures that influence student success, retention, and completion.

Obliterating the academic calendar is the easy part

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Planning Strategy 
Learn how making adjustments in the scheduling off-season can lead to better student success with an annual schedule.




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Planning Strategy 
Get a quick approach to analyzing your single section course offerings as part of your schedule building process.

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Planning Strategy

Get tips from industry experts on how you can use historical data to build your course schedules!

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Application Best Practices
See how our partner institutions utilize unconventional methods in Astra Schedule to prepare for the"new normal".READ NOW




Planning Strategy
Learn new strategies to help with the re-evaluation and adjustment process for summer and fall enrollment.



Planning Strategy
Find answers to best practices for monitoring registration and refining the course schedule to support success.



Planning Strategy
A Deloitte Center for Higher Education Excellence series explores what steps institutions can take to effectively support their students. Success by Design




Application Best Practices 
Learn four ways you can support social distancing on your campus with Astra Schedule.READ NOW


Planning Strategy
Discover five ways you can innovate at your institution to improve student success and efficiency.

Five Ways


Application Best Practices
Read five ways you can strategically use Astra Schedule to accomplish your work while maximizing time and effort. 





Planning Strategy
Find out how Student-Ready Strategies' recent report encourages student-aligned course schedules.


Enrollment Tracking
See how using Monitor strategically can ensure offerings are meeting student and instructional needs.



Planning Strategy
See how the 2018 Hanover Research is continuing to provide best practices for course scheduling.READ NOW



seeing_is_believing_tile-15Application Best Practices 
Learn how states, clients, and partners are putting all hands on deck to aid in student success.

Ad Astra Success Stories

Monitoring Registration for Summer and Fall 2020.

Listen in as David Short, Registrar at Lamar University, shares how they're helping students from a distance and quick wins they are seeing by tracking open registration with Monitor.




Building an Annual Schedule
Dive into considerations such as infrastructure, business process, and culture that can impact the change from term scheduling to annual scheduling.

Optimizing the Academic Enterprise
Join NACUBO's Vice President for Consulting, Jim Hundrieser, and our CEO, Tom Shaver, for a conversation about managing pathways, refining scheduling, and, most importantly, understanding the true cost of a credential. 



Bending the Curve
Learn how colleges and universities can rethink the course schedule to graduate more students, faster. Watch now by clicking the play icon above, or save the recording for later by completing the form below!


Monitoring On-Demand Registration from Start to Finish!
Learn how Monitor, our new application, addresses the chaos of schedule changes right before classes start.




Scenario Modeling with Room Optimization
See how room optimization tools can provide insight into infrastructure planning, space consolidation, and strategy for HVAC usage.


Monitoring Course Registration and Responding Real-Time to Enrollment Fluctuations Optimization
Discover a new approach to monitor registration and effectively responding to enrollment changes. Watch now by clicking the play icon above, or save the recording for later by completing the form below!

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Practical Strategies for Academic Planning
Uncover strategies to adjust the course schedule and reduce costs without inhibiting students' success. Watch now by clicking the play icon above, or save the recording for later by completing the form below!

Want to download all AASCU webinar recordings? Click here.

Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education
Dr. Nathan Grawe examines how recent demographic shifts are likely to affect demand for higher education and explores how colleges and policymakers may respond to meet institutional and national goals. Click the play button on the video, or save it for later by filling out the form below!



What Student Engagement Tells Us About Undergraduates
This webinar showcases how the engagement survey reveals undergraduates’ time use, their participation in effective educational practices, and what they gain from college.

Driving Student Success: Holistic Assessment, Placement, and Support
Learn ways to integrate noncognitive assessment data into practical strategies such as holistic course placement, student advising and coaching, and strategic planning.



Scheduling for Successful Outcomes with CUNY
Dive into The City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Program, a  comprehensive program designed to help students earn their associate degree as quickly as possible.

Measuring Success: Standardized Tests and Discrepant Achievement
Explore the value and limitations of standardized tests and their ability to explain and predict student retention in college with two leading experts.



Core Principles To Ensure Student Success in the Time of Coronavirus and Beyond
Dive into the ‘core principles’ with Dr. Christopher M. Mullin and Dr. Alison Kadlec from Strong Start to Finish as they draw special attention to pathways, remediation, and student success. Click the play button on the video, or save it for later by filling out the form below!

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