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serving during covid-19

When a pandemic strikes the nation, we have a chance to respond. In a time of remote offices, kids in the house, and lack of human contact, we can help others. So, let’s do it. Below are some of the partner organizations Ad Astra is working to support. Check out ways you can help, too. 

Note: All donations to Freedom Fire and Heart to Heart Internatioanl Care Kits will be matched by Ad Astra if they include "Ad Astra Donation Match" in the donation comment section.

Opportunities to serve during covid-19



Meals for Kids

Kids in low-income areas depend on schools to provide breakfast and lunch. In times of cancellations, families need meals.

In response to COVID-19, Freedom Fire is distributing care packages to children and families living around federal housing. Similar care packages are also being distributed to the homeless. They are asking for community help in gathering supplies or donating to care package creation. If you would like to donate, please visit their website.  


Crisis Care Kits

Not in the Kansas City area but still want to help? Consider donating to Heart to Heart International. They are distributing critical medicines and equipment in the US and around the world.  

Need more information? Visit their website to learn how they are responding to COVID-19.  



Blood Drives

In a time of uncertainty, the Red Cross is sure of one thing: the continuous need to supply hospitals with blood donations. Facing severe blood shortages, the Red Cross has taken extended measures to keep donors safe and healthy.  

Interested in donating blood? Click here

Local economics

When restaurants, retail shops, and businesses experience closures, it impacts us all. Consider supporting your local economies by ordering carry out or shopping online. Here are two groups we know and love that could use additional support.  



Global Orphan Project

Need large quantity shirt orders? Consider ordering through Global Orphan. Not only will you receive great shirts, you will be assisting orphans during this time of need.  



Friends of San Lucas

Working remotely and need an extra boost (Extroverts, we are talking to you.) Order coffee from Friends of San Lucas to curb poverty in Guatemala and keep workers employed.  

our involvement

Our team members are passionate, and that passion extends beyond our everyday work. At Ad Astra, we are committed to giving back, and combine our contributions of time, talent, and financial resources to the betterment of communities near and far.



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