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Pathway Health



Institutions that are using data to design, manage, and refine program pathways are integrating them with advising, scheduling, and registration to ensure that courses are available when students need them. Interested in learning how you can operationalize program pathways for student success and institutional sustainability? Learn more below.







How to Improve Pathway Health

By using analytics to re-envision course scheduling and planning, you can remove barriers and keep students on track to graduationLearn from industry experts that are positively impacting institutions with this strategy in our Academic Planning Resource Center. Click the button below to get started!

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Find Your Starting Point
by Analyzing Your Pathway Health

Discover how well your pathways are promoting student success and ways to better manage your academic enterprise with the complimentary Course Scheduling Infrastructure Diagnostic! Click the button below to get started, or keep scrolling to find solutions to improve your pathway health.

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Solutions to Elevate Your Pathway Health

Ad Astra consultants keep student success at the forefront of pathways decisions. By working with course scheduling stakeholders, they can provide the necessary guidance to design, manage, and refine pathways to ensure accelerated Degree Velocity™.

Pathways Analysis

Define, analyze, and refine pathways to optimize student success.

Key features:

  • Data-driven pathway design and implementation
  • Student and pathway progress visibility
  • Opportunities to improve pathways for student success

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Completion Track Analysis

Proactively manage student completion tracks and progression through program requirements to meet your institution's completion promises.

Key features:

  • Visibility into pathway requirements
  • Course and pathway scheduling analyzation
  • Ensure alignment between completion initiatives

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