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Streamline and simplify event management with
Campus Labs Engage and Ad Astra. Through this powerful integration, you'll advance ways to request, approve, and promote events in one central location.  

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About Astra Schedule by Ad Astra

Astra Schedule is an enterprise-wide scheduling solution that creates visibility into:

  • Academic and event space availability
  • Resource management
  • Enterprise calendaring and scheduling

Integrated with Engage, your students and staff will receive unparalleled visibility into space and resources available to them during the event submission process.



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About Campus Labs Engage

Engage is a comprehensive solution for student engagement that builds and fosters student growth and development on campus. With Engage, students can:

  • Meaningfully organize, plan, promote, and host events
  • Discover opportunities to get involved
  • Create a college journey that's meaningful to them

By integrating Engage with Astra Schedule, you'll streamline the event request process with your students and staff, gaining visibility into space and events accessible to them on campus.

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