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Instructional Capacity


How many students can you effectively serve with your existing instructional resources? Understanding instructional capacity can better equip institutions to allocate resources to meet demand. Whether it's to balance students' needs with faculty availability or determine if you have the right classroom space to align with pedagogy, there are a variety of ways for you to optimize your resources. Keep reading to learn how you can optimize instructional resources.






How You Can Improve Your
Instructional Capacity

Understand your institution’s instructional constraints by analyzing your faculty and space resources. By uncovering areas that are misaligned and understanding changes in enrollment and instructional resources, you can better meet students’ needs. Click the button below to access resources on how you can improve instructional capacity.

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Find Your Starting Point by Analyzing Your Course Scheduling Infrastructure

Your level of course scheduling infrastructure is directly related to your faculty and space resources. Take the complimentary Course Scheduling Infrastructure Diagnostic to uncover your level of infrastructure by clicking the button below or keep scrolling to find solutions to improve instructional capacity.

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Ways to Elevate Your Instructional Capacity

Ad Astra consultants help institutions gain a holistic understanding of what their instructional capacity is today and where there are areas for improvement. Through comprehensive analysis and implementing best practices and strategies on campus, institutions are optimizing resource allocation for financial sustainability and student success.

Capacity Analysis

Understand classroom space limitations and opportunities, and unpack strategies to optimize space utilization.

Key features:

  • Analyze current scheduling policies, enrollment trends, and classroom inventory
  • Review strategies that impact space utilization
  • Build an adoption plan that implements best practices

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Strategic Scheduling Check-Up

Measure how efficient and effective your course schedule is.

Key features:

  • Peer benchmarking across key course scheduling and space variables
  • Better align students' needs and uncover bottlenecks impacting space and instructional resources
  • Build action plans that align with institutional goals

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Meeting Pattern Analysis

Analyze your scheduling patterns and quantify the potential impact of your grid design and enforcement options.                                                   

Key features:

  • Analyze scheduling patterns and quantify the potential impact
  • Benchmark meeting patterns against peer institutions
  • View meeting pattern usage by room type
  • Examine weekly contact hours distribution by meeting type
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