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Does your academic planning have a strong foundation? Whether it's best practices, schedule predictability, or space and resource management, having a refined academic infrastructure allows for positive student impactKeep reading to learn more. 

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How You Can Improve Your Infrastructure

Define institutional policies and structural building blocks that support student success and your academic infrastructure. Click the button below for resources on best practices and strategies for creating a student-centered infrastructure. 

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Find Your Starting Point
by Analyzing Your Infrastructure

Discover your institution's infrastructure level and ways to better manage your academic enterprise. Take the complimentary Course Scheduling Infrastructure Diagnostic by clicking the button below or keep scrolling to find solutions to improve your infrastructure. 

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Solutions to Elevate Your Infrastructure

Ad Astra consultants understand multiple factors play into academic planning. By caring for each institution’s unique set of challenges and opportunities, they provide the right answers at the right time to positively impact institutional infrastructure. 

Astra Schedule


Effectively manage your space, resources, and academic and event schedule within one master schedule. 

Key features:

  • Create what-if scenarios to optimize resources
  • Build custom reports to view room and section data
  • Improve classroom and event space utilization


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Course Schedule Infrastructure Evaluation

Interview stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement by assessing existing approaches and beliefs that influence the scheduling process.

Key features:

  • Define existing and future course scheduling goals
  • Identify barriers and course scheduling challenges
  • Course scheduling policy and process enhancement opportunities

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Meeting Pattern Analysis


Analyze your scheduling patterns as well as quantify the potential impact of your grid design and enforcement options. 

Key features:

  • Analyze scheduling patterns
  • Peer benchmarking 
  • View meeting pattern usage by room type
  • Analysis of meeting type distribution


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Discover More Areas that Make Up the Academic Enterprise

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