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Enrollment Health


When looking to evaluate the enrollment health of an institution, variables like student population trends, the portfolio of programs offered, and the multiple ways that sections are offered must be considered. Do you factor these variables in your scheduling plan? If not, keep reading to learn how you can measure and improve enrollment health. 






How You Can Improve

How your institution implements curriculum through course scheduling, affects a student’s ability to complete programs of study. Having a framework that creates visibility into completion paths allows you to design better pathways, improve overall efficiency, and boost enrollment health.  Discover articles, blogs, and webinars on how you can improve these areas in our resource center.  

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Find Your Starting Point

Discover how well your institution's enrollment health is promoting student success and ways to better manage your academic enterprise. Take the complementary Course Scheduling Infrastructure Diagnostic by click the button below! Or, keep scrolling to find solutions to improve your infrastructure. 

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Solutions to Elevate Your Enrollment Health

Ad Astra consultants understand that multiple factors play into student success. By caring for each institution’s unique set of challenges and opportunities, they provide the right answers at the right time to positively impact students and programs. 

Completion Track Analysis

Proactively manage student cohorts and progression through program requirements to meet your institution's completion promise.

Key features:
  • Comprehensive view of your academic programs and how student complete their pathway requirements
  • Analyze the impact of course and pathway scheduling options
  • Ensure alignment between your pathways, completion tracks, and the completion promises made to your students

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