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Managing the Academic Enterprise

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The Foundation for Navigating the Future

Break down silos within your academic enterprise and turn institutional planning into daily actions! With our Managing the Academic Enterprise (MAE) framework, leaders, faculty, and staff across institutions are building a shared vocabulary and collective understanding of academic operations. By using actionable data, MAE is helping institutions like yours understand financial health, its highest-impact challenges, and best practices that can advance your institution's mission and improve students' Degree Velocity ™ and time to completion.

Learn more about Managing the Academic Enterprise from our founder and CEO, Tom Shaver, and Chief Strategy Officer, Sarah Collins in the video below. Then, discover each pillar and resources to help you.

"The framework is a continuous improvement model that coordinates the work and cycle of the academic calendar: planning, scheduling, and measuring. The measured output provides the feedback you need to continue making progress on the following semesters in each area of your work."

- Sarah Collins, Chief Strategy Officer at Ad Astra

Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere

After exploring the pillars below, dive into the one that aligns with your institution's goal by clicking the "Discover More" button. 

Degree Velocity™

Can your students get access to the courses they need to graduate on time? 

By analyzing leading indicators of graduation rates like momentum year, Degree Velocity™, or productive credit load, leaders can understand the rate at which individuals and cohorts of students are progressing toward degree completion. This allows for actionable, data-informed interventions.

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Pathway Health

Are you looking to better manage your academic program pathways to define a clear path to completion for your students? 

Remove barriers to student progress by digitizing and analyzing your pathways! By leveraging data to understand the health of your programs, you will be able to distinguish and model the impact of course choice and course sharing in your pathways.


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Schedule Refinement

Align the course schedule to meet students’ needs and support their Degree Velocity™.  

Collaborate with stakeholders and leverage historical course demand analytics to create student-aligned schedules. 

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Instructional Capacity

How many students can you serve with your existing resources? 

When institutions can holistically understand their instructional capacity, they are better equipped to effectively allocate instructional resources to meet demand.

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Enrollment Health

How well are you balancing choice and financial sustainability?

Understanding the enrollment health of your academic programs will help you pinpoint how programs are fragmented and identify financially viable strategies to manage programs with low enrollment.

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Financial Health

Understand the contribution margin of each academic program at your institution.  

Use financial health insights at the program level to identify opportunities to better manage instructional resources.  

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Do you want to strengthen your institution’s foundation for systematic, effective, and efficient management of your academic resources?

Reinforce best practices at your institution that support continuous improvement through integrated scheduling and calendaring solutions. These solutions will help you further define institutional policies and structural building blocks that support efficient and student-aligned resource allocation.

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Tools to Help You Manage Your Academic Enterprise

Ad Astra wants to ensure you have the tools you need to optimize your academic operations.
Learn about the complementary resources available to you below! 

Course Scheduling Infrastructure Diagnostic


Take our complimentary self-assessment survey to understand where you stand across seven critical areas of the course scheduling infrastructure.Take the Course Scheduling Diagnostic

Managing the Academic Enterprise Course
Online Course

Join your peers and higher education thought leaders in leveraging data and best practices to optimize your academic enterprise.Button to Learn More about the Course Schedule Evaluation

Academic Planning Resource Center

Articles, Blogs, Webinars, and More

Dive into additional resources designed to help you manage the academic enterprise and advance your student success strategies.
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