Higher Education Scheduling Index (HESI)™

The Higher Education Scheduling Index ™

How are you tracking your schedule? Do you ever wonder how your schedule stacks up against other colleges and universities? The Higher Education Scheduling Index (HESI™) is a database for course scheduling which tracks 50 variables related to course scheduling patterns and institutional activity. It includes percentile ranks of how your institution stacks up against a large peer comparison group in these categories: 4-year public, 4-year private, or 2-year public institutions. Leveraged by hundreds of institutions, the HESI has improved on-time graduation rates and helped colleges and universities better utilize their existing space and other resources. 

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Strategic Scheduling CheckUp™

Put insights from our HESI into action. The Strategic Scheduling CheckUp unpacks HESI findings with an on-site presentation of findings and a collaborative planning session that gets your institution thinking about strategic scheduling opportunities that best align with your priorities.


Are classrooms bottlenecked in your primetime? Are these bottlenecks keeping departments from offering additional sections of required courses, or teaching at optimal times for student availability? Discover strategies to optimize the effective capacity of your existing classrooms, and the potential capacity impact of implementing these strategies


At most institutions, around a third of the courses offered in a major term are aligned to student demand. The remaining courses are either overloaded or under-utilized. Gain insight on opportunities to bring your schedule back into closer alignment with student need, improving student progress to degree completion and your resource utilization.

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Bending the Curve

Today, higher education institutions face a variety of challenges. The shifting demographics of higher education are creating further complexities for institutions being asked to do more with less. Institutions are being challenged to increase capacity while maintaining quality. They are responding to the needs of learners by creating new pathways to workforce relevant degrees and credentials. Central to these issues lies a fundamental piece of the education puzzle: the schedule.  

The Bending the Curve report explores how effectively managing the course schedule can improve student retention, and ultimately, graduation rates.

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Course Schedule Evaluation

The Course Schedule Evaluation allows institutions to hit the "pause" button and analyze how well their institution is scheduling courses, classes, and events on campus. 

So, how does it work? Your institution’s course and section data are extracted from the student information system. The data is then benchmarked with several HESI industry averages. The Course Schedule Evaluation summary will be presented to each school’s leadership with conservative opportunity analysis and return on investment model. This equips each school with business intelligence to ignite conversations around efficiency, effectiveness, and student progression.

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