Product Journey

For the new applications delivered on the Ad Astra platform, we’ve adopted an improved, more agile product release strategy. This change allows us to quickly build innovative applications and features while maintaining the familiar elements and functionality you've come to love and expect.

This development shift allows us to iterate faster than ever before, and we’re excited to share what we’re working on with you. Below, you’ll find the product journey divided into the following three sections:


While we’ll continue our regular release process for our platform, this journey will be updated weekly (we’re not kidding, we’re working fast!) to keep you up to speed on all the progress taking place with our new applications. Check back often to see all the exciting developments, or better yet, follow this page to ensure you never miss a thing!

*Please note, this page shows a curated selection of features we’ve released and upcoming features on our journey. The status of each item is subject to change at any time.


We're adding the ability for section modifications made inside Ad Astra to be pushed back to Banner. This will create a more streamlined experience for Ad Astra users and keep both systems up to date with the latest changes to the schedule. 

A new app is coming your way! The first phase of the Schedule add will allow users to view all activities on a monthly/weekly/daily calendar. 


This enhancement will allow users to identify available spaces when making edits to sections. Users will be able to filter rooms by attribute, location, and availability to help create a conflict-free schedule.

With pathway sequence tagging, institutions will be able to provide descriptive tags for individual requirements within a pathway to indicate which are general education, major requirements, or electives. 

Momentum Year metrics identify whether students are completing specific first-year requirements. This enhancement will allow users to view Momentum Year metrics at a student and aggregated level. We're helping your students build early momentum so they can meet key first-year benchmarks. 

This feature will recognize cross-listed sections in Align and Monitor, allowing users to see the demand for these sections more accurately and the ability to view which sections have been cross-listed together.

This enhancement will allow users to view data on the Ad Astra platform by college, department, or program. This will allow users to quickly see the most important data in familiar terms.

We're adding the ability to create a new section within the Ad Astra platform.

We're adding the ability to edit section details with Ad Astra. Examples of options you have editing capabilities for include meeting pattern, instructor, and room. 


With Financial Health from Ad Astra, you can gain insight into the financial sustainability of your academic programs and courses. 

Predict calculations have been enhanced to account for Pathway catalog terms, ensuring we're properly assigning course demand for students based on their specific Pathway version. 

This feature allows admin users to adjust settings to exclude students by Campus, Student Type or Student Level to accurately reflect Predict results.

We've enhanced our sections in Ad Astra to include the necessary fields you need to update your schedule. Also, we've brought collaboration to sections! You can use the comments feature inside a section to ensure everyone's in the loop when making critical section changes.

By adding modality to Monitor, you'll easily be able to tell at what rate your various types of section offerings (on-ground, online, or hybrid) are filling. This insight will help you understand how your students' modality is impacting your campus regarding section distribution.


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