Momentum Year

Benchmarking and Early Intervention

Research confirms that students are most successful when they complete specific first-year requirements. When students don’t, they are less likely to persist and graduate.

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Purpose First
Students start their college careers by making a purposeful choice in a focus area (Meta Majors) or program. 

Credits in first year

It’s simple, the only way to graduate on-time is to take 30 credits per year.


Credits in Program of Study

Early Momentum is a key indicator of success, students who complete nine credits in a meta major or major are more likely to graduate.


Percent Gateway Courses Completed

Completing gateway Math and English builds early momentum and helps student persistence and student success.

What is Momentum Year? 

Much like Newton's First Law of Motion, the concept of Momentum Year seems simple. A student at rest tends to stay at rest, while a student in motion tends to stay in motion, and once in motion, develop momentum. Gaining and maintaining that momentum is key to student completion. 



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Let Ad Astra's Momentum Year solution help your students build early momentum, so they meet key first-year benchmarks

You've built out your Momentum Year and implemented policies to help guide and enforce the process. So, what's next? Are you intervening early enough and with the right data? How are you tracking and measuring students? Are your students making stronger academic decisions and completing their gateway courses? 

Ad Astra's Momentum Year solution can help your students build early momentum, so they can meet key first-year benchmarks. 

  • Benchmark Momentum Year Metrics
    • Year-over-year longitudinal tracking
    • Measure your students' momentum and see how it compares
  • Momentum Year Intervention Strategies
    • Provide student specific data on progress to tailor communications
    • Provide waypoints that allow an institution to intervene and get students on track

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