You have a good idea about where your opportunities are, but what's next? Whether it's pathway design and implementation, block scheduling, or maybe you need support developing policies that  promote better scheduling practices, in the design phase we put all your data to work.

Student success starts with the right Pathway

Pathways start with the student’s end goal in mind, then create a step by step approach to advance them towards graduation. Having key measurements and data that outline how students are completing the pathway can help institutions create more effective pathways and remove barriers.  

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"In order to ensure that all students have a clear path to completion and your college has the necessary capacity to undertake large-scale reform efforts, Achieving the Dream is leveraging its expertise in coaching to advise colleges on building guided pathways for student success."

Laura Kelley

Government Policy Deployment

Implementing change is a daunting challenge in least. Let alone when you are implementing change that impacts foundational components at an institution, it can almost seem insurmountable. These types of changes often lead to impacts in the day to day activities of faculty, students, and administrators. 

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Guided Scheduling Policies

Need a liite help with scheduling policies? Most people don't like change. Implementing change is a challenge, especially when it impacts foundational components at an institution - it can almost seem impossible. Reviewing on-grid meeting patterns and prime-time usage, can help to influence these polices and drive action with data. 

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Student-centered scheduling offers courses that are productive, aligned, and conflict-free

A student-centered scheduling strategy can align those goals, particularly around: Improving course access, predictability, convenience and a simplified schedule process.  How can you design a structured scheduling approach that is most aligned with your different student populations and programs? How will you impact the effectiveness of these changes on students’ velocity to degree completion?

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