Implement and manage your schedule

Now that you have the right data and a plan, it’s time to Deliver. Often the most overlooked step, implementing and managing campus initiatives, particularly scheduling, can pose a daunting task. Putting it all in one system, though, can simplify the process.
Deliver actions that are efficient, effective
, and optimized. 

Improve your schedule with data-informed decisions

Rolling a schedule over and over each term can produce waste and often doesn’t utilize space effectively. Instead, if you optimize the schedule, you can improve efficiencies by optimizing your rooms, schedule, and faculty.   


Complete visibility in one calendaring tool

Feel like you’ve been in the dark with classroom and event scheduling? Do you have multiple calendars, which lead to conflicts and time-consuming scheduling practices? Bring them all together in one central calendar with the ability to manage both space and scheduling.  


Align your academic space to best meet student needs 


Learn how to use faculty to their fullest potential within your scheduling needs


Computers, HVAC systems, projectors - track it all in one tool 


Manage events more effectively with a campus-wide calendar of all activities

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Your data, when, how, and where you need it

Campus enrollment fluctuations and other challenges are easier to address with reports and clear insight into all available resources. With a standard report bank, it’s your data - when, how, and where you need it.

Complete your calendar with Event Management

Event managers work to meet the growing needs of internal and community stakeholders and, in many cases, generate significant revenue for the institution. These growing requirements are often made more complicated by a smaller staff and a reduced pool of rooms. Expand revenue from increased event and equipment bookings

"Without Ad Astra, I wouldn't be able to do my job as efficiently as possible."

Mark Hendrix, Northwest Missouri State University