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Aspire, Ad Astra’s annual conference, focuses on student success while providing opportunities for new connections, strategies, and community building. In addition to positioning yourself, your institution, or your organization as a thought leader, you'll also gain access to presenter perks that are out of this world. Submit your proposal using the button below!
Submissions due August 6.
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Perks of Being a Presenter

Join Aspire as a presenter and receive promotion opportunities
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Promotion Opportunities: 

  • Presenter and session spotlight on Ad Astra’s social media   
  • Presenter and session spotlight in Ad Astra’s email communications  
  • Presenter spotlight on Aspire21 landing page 

Astraverse Pass: 

  • Full access to the immersive two-day experience 
  • Access to meetups, workshops, and roundtable networking discussion 
  • On-demand sessions through 2021 
  • Aspire21 swag  





Student Success Symposium

Sessions must clearly demonstrate how they support the Managing the Academic Enterprise framework. Whether focusing on specific pillars or the framework as a whole, content must provide clear, quality method(s) for continuous improvement and data-informed refinement of academic operations.


Academics Track

Sessions must showcase how Ad Astra solutions help manage the academic schedule and institutional resources efficiently while ensuring students have access to courses to graduate on time. The content must include lessons learned and best practices.





Events Track

Sessions must highlight how Ad Astra Events solutions bring value to the institution. The content must include lessons learned and best practices.







What to Expect as an Aspire Presenter: 

  • Presenters will work with the Aspire team to pre-record a 30-minute session prior to the event 

  • During the live event, select presenters will lead a 15-minute live Q&A at the end of their scheduled pre-recorded session 

  • Details on recording your session and the live Q&A will be provided after you’ve submitted your session 

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Have questions about becoming a presenter? Reach out to aspire@aais.com