Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS)

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KCTCS Maximizes Space Capacity and Tightens Budgets with Astra Schedule

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), Kentucky’s largest provider of post-secondary education and workforce training, began using Astra Schedule to coordinate academic, event and resource scheduling functions in one system. The outcomes included greater energy efficiency, financial savings and improved class offerings. Throughout the implementation process, a system-wide approach was stressed, and key staff from all of the colleges played an important role.

Results were immediate. “Astra not only provides up-to-date information about room usage, but just as importantly, it provides the College with real-time information relevant to our academic scheduling. This information allows us to better plan for the academic needs of our students, to more efficiently plan our schedule of class offerings, and to ensure our students will have access to course offerings in a location or mode of delivery that meets their needs,” said Dr. Tony Honeycutt, Provost of Somerset Community College.

Shirley Engle, Assistant to the Provost, Hazard Community and Technical College (HCTC), is pleased with the new system. “Astra Schedule has made a significant difference in space utilization and efficiency. We now have a centralized system that contains all our classroom and event space assignments in one easy-to-access system,” said Engle. “Astra Schedule also gives us the ability to have multiple room schedulers at our five campus locations, which has improved our response time on room requests.”

Astra Schedule allows KCTCS colleges to streamline the room assignment process. Scheduling is updated continually and automatically, ensuring accurate data reports daily. Course bottlenecks are exposed and can be addressed immediately. Data-driven reports now indicate how space is utilized and where improvements need to be made.

“Before Astra Schedule, we maintained space planning in multiple systems,” said Doug Roberts, System Director of Budget and Financial Planning. “It took weeks to gather and verify data for reports to the State Council on Postsecondary Education. With Astra Schedule it is much more efficient—these reports are a click away.”

KCTCS recognized that a better understanding of space usage could improve energy consumption and reduce utility costs; reduce course bottlenecks so students have greater access to required courses; and save valuable staff time spent on scheduling classes and events at their many campuses.

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