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Franciscan University Unifies Campus Calendaring through Astra Schedule

When Franciscan University of Steubenville decided to unify the entire campus onto one calendaring system, they assessed the systems that were currently being utilized on campus. Franciscan already used Astra Schedule to integrate with its student information system and optimize academic scheduling, but decided to incorporate event scheduling into the same master calendar. “Unifying the entire campus on one highly visible, web-based solution has improved our scheduling practices, especially for the academic rooms,” Pam Shane, Assistant Director of Administrative Systems, reports. For events, customized request forms allow for quick approval and space reservation for scheduling administrative conference rooms and computer labs.

Since making this change, Shane and her colleagues have utilized Astra Schedule’s extensive customization options to tailor the system for their business practices. Shane created separate calendar views for guests, students and faculty and staff based on the system’s role-based security structure. This provides valuable activity information to the campus community.

Campus Buy-In

Shane garnered campus support by maximizing Astra Schedule’s customization options.  “I learned that the small things can make the biggest impact to help people see the benefits of the system,” Shane notes. By making simple modifications to a few of the many reports that come standard in the system, Shane made the system more customized and relevant for specific individuals who only wanted to see their own buildings and information. In addition, Shane set up report subscriptions to be emailed weekly to key staff and faculty so they could keep abreast of building schedules and resource needs.  In addition, showing that there are different options available for entering events helped each scheduler learn to use the product to best suit their individual needs.   

Next Steps

Shane hopes to expand the benefits of Astra Schedule by using more features, including resource booking, workflow for events and exam scheduling. “We are also excited to use more sandbox features, such as test runs and preference setting academic scheduling,” Shane says. “We have come a long way since we set our original goal, and we look forward to becoming even more efficient by fully utilizing the system.”

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