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Student Success

Unlocking student success.

Student Success and GraduationThe pressure to enhance student outcomes has never been greater. Institutions are being held accountable to graduate more students in less time with fewer resources.

Experience has shown us that the most effective method to improve student success outcomes is to focus on conflict-free course access. The simple fact is a student cannot graduate on time if he or she cannot get seats in required courses.

Evidence from the field also supports our conclusions. Industry-wide student satisfaction surveys consistently reveal that the primary student-reported problem at their school is a lack of conflict-free access to required courses.

Another study, surveying more than 1,000 community colleges, reported course access difficulties as a barrier to students reaching their graduation goals in a timely manner. Roughly 20 percent of the community college students surveyed reported difficulty in enrolling in a course they needed. Additionally, about 32 percent reported that they were unable to enroll in a needed class because it was full.

Understanding course needs is the foundation of effective academic schedule creation. Our solutions assess historical course demand, each student's degree progress and remaining course needs, and student intent through our interactive Academic Planner. These solutions enable institutions to meet the needs of their students and faculty.


Enabling students to graduate on time requires insight into their degree progress. This facilitates better access to the courses they need and are eligible to take. Ad Astra helps you make this possible by:

  • Highlighting required courses where additional seats are needed to meet student need
  • Identifying and resolving key section-to-section registration conflicts restricting course access
  • Facilitating academic career planning and capturing student-specific intent regarding desired courses and time-to-completion

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