Susan Leigh

Susan Leigh
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing
DePaul University

Susan Leigh, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing, joined DePaul University in 1992. Susan oversees Student Records, which is responsible for the care and maintenance of the academic enrollment records, placement testing, registration, grading, graduation, transcripts, diplomas, immunization and degree progress reporting. Susan lead the creation of and oversees the DePaul Central offices, the one-stop for integrated student services offering students answers to questions about student records, financial aid and student accounts. The DePaul Central Contact Center now manages the phone, email and chat channels of customer service.

Originally recruited to DePaul as faculty, Susan is an Associate Professor in the Women and Gender Studies Department, and in addition to extensive teaching, her CV lists over 100 theatrical productions from the east to west coasts that include acting and vocal coaching, as well as directing credits. Susan holds a B.A. in Theatre from Rhode Island College, and an M.F.A. in Acting from Temple University, and was certified to teach Speech for the stage by the late Edith Skinner.

Susan began working on implementation core teams when DePaul became a full PeopleSoft school back in 2000. DePaul just implemented Astra Schedule, and Susan is project lead on the Platinum Analytics implementation which is now underway.


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