Ad Astra understands the importance of maintaining good partner relationships. We aim to create successful partnerships in every aspect of our business:

Client Partnerships

Development partners help us determine functionality based on real use cases from institutions. Testing partners ensure that software features are behaving as designed before general release.

The Client Advisory Board acts as a sounding board for many Ad Astra decisions and processes including software functionality, marketing collateral, helpful documentation, etc. They are an extremely valuable resource for both Ad Astra and our other clients, as they are often at the forefront of institutional best practices in scheduling and enrollment management.

Vendor Partnerships

Ad Astra partners with the leading student information system, degree audit, strategic enrollment management and technology vendors. Principally, these partnerships involve technically and strategically integrating our solutions for the maximum business benefit of our mutual clients.

Internal Partnerships

We strive for seamless communication between departments to ensure that our clients' needs and goals are addressed appropriately and proactively. This allows for smooth transitions from the sales process to implementation to active client support and account management.

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