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Founded: 1996
Headquarters:   Overland Park, KS
Leadership: Tom Shaver, Founder and CEO
Employees: Approximately 60 full-time team members
Specialization: High-tech software consulting company specializing in web-based management solutions and scheduling software for the higher education industry.


Astra Schedule: Interactive scheduling software to manage classroom, events and resource functions in one enterprise-wide system.

Platinum Analytics: Patented software that leverages evidence-based decision making with classroom scheduling to maximize student success.


Strategic Scheduling Check-Up: Analyzes key capacity and efficiency issues and assesses opportunities for future growth, cost savings and how an instititution is performing compared to similar institutions.

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Patent: 2010 United States patent on our innovative method of determining student demand for academic courses.















Company Overview

Ad Astra Information Systems LLC is an innovative tech company dedicated to developing and providing solutions in scheduling and academic software planning products and services in the higher education marketplace.  Since its inception in 1996, over 500 schools on more than 800 college and university campuses have licensed Ad Astra software products and services to help improve their facilities scheduling, event management, resource management and more.

The results of using the Ad Astra advanced technology include significant cost savings; better management of facilities, meeting space and classrooms; and greater student satisfaction and graduation rates. With scheduling and planning among the most strategically important activities in which an institution can engage, The Astra Schedule Suite has become the standard for higher education scheduling software.  The Platinum Analytics system leverages evidence-based decision making with class scheduling to maximize student success.

Ad Astra invests significant resources into research and development and was the first company of its kind to develop a web-based platform for higher education scheduling software.  In 2010, the United States Patent Office issued a patent for Ad Astra's innovative method of determining student demand for academic course.

Tom Shaver, Founder and CEO of Ad Astra Information Systems, has been responsible for much of the conceptual development of Ad Astra's software and reporting systems. Tom gained his foundation of knowledge as the third generation associated with The Shaver Partnership.  His grandfather, Charles Shaver, was a prominent architect in the early and middle 1900s and the first registered architect in the state of Kansas. John Shaver, Tom's father, is an innovative educational architect and consultant who was a pioneer in higher education space analysis and planning.

Ad Astra has leveraged these years of experience and the most advanced technology available.  The result is software and collective knowledge directed toward consulting services that can help colleges and universities better manage resources, identify constraints to growth, and develop academic scheduling policies.  The company is committed to improved student success and resource management efficiency in higher education.  For more information, visit

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