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Changing the Session Timeout in Astra Schedule

Written by Emily Hollinger on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Ad Astra

The session timeout in Astra Schedule is set as a default to twenty minutes. This is a standard setting for a web application. Maintaining a web session requires network and server resources and represents a potential security threat. This is why an inactive web session is usually timed out in about twenty minutes. It is common for organizations to have a policy regarding open session persistence, so if you are considering adjusting the standard timeout, please consult your organization’s technology policies to make sure you will be complying.

It is important to understand that a web session timeout can be set at multiple areas, and any of these settings can override others, depending on network and security configuration. Because the timeout can be set at multiple areas and may depend on network settings, it is difficult to provide a definitive description of how to permanently define how long it will take an Ad Astra session to close. Once a session has been closed, it is possible to reopen it by logging back into the session. Logging back in will take the user to the page that was active when the session timed out. Data entered after to the last Save action will not be saved if the application times out.

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